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Down the Foxhole - FlashDen

Down the Foxhole - FlashDen

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News Flash

Posted: 30 Jun 2009 04:05 PM PDT

Quite a variety of Flash tools, stories and articles to report on, so without further to do, it’s time for another round-up of Flash-related news with News Flash!

Open Source “Page Flip”

Last month I posted a roundup of “Page Flip” tools built in Flash that simulate turning pages in a book. Well, it turns out (yes, pun intended ;) ) that there’s another amazing tool available developed by a German developer called Florian Nücke. It’s called Megazine, and not only does it look terrific, but it also features extremely well thought-out usability, deeplinking, page caching, image zoom, a full API, and one import thing: It’s totally free and open source! View the Megazine demo.

SWFObject and Best Practice Implementation

For most Flash designers and developers, using SWFObject to embed Flash content on Web pages is a pretty straight forward task. However, understanding some finer details might help you to better understand the best practices of implementing SWFObject and to take advantage of some SEO techniques. Read TechLabs’ tips on implementing SWFObject.

Reversing Audio in Flash Player 10

I’ve always (fondly) thought of Flash legend Lee Brimelow as one of those kids that dismantled all of his toys as a kid to see how they worked before putting them back together afterwards. In stark contrast, whenever I dismantled my toys, they were broken for good! Some things don’t change as Lee tinkers with audio in his latest blog post called Manipulating mp3 Speed and Direction and explores various ways to manipulate audio using Flash Player 10.

Photo Diary

You know, you can never have too many photo galleries. Especially ones developed in Flash! Photo Diary is an interesting twist on Flash galleries as its PHP back-end allows visitors to add comments on each photo by attaching a sticky notes with a message on it. The gallery also features a useful admin console to manage all the image assets and comments. View the Demo or check out the admin console.

De MonsterDebugger

If Web applications could be judged by name alone, then the De MonsterDebugger would win every time! Originating from The Netherlands in Europe, De MonsterDebugger is an open source debugger for Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR. The application was made in Flex and AIR and allows developers to debug their code in a more efficient manner. For a full set of the many features and to download the AIR app yourself, click here.

Microsoft Silverlight 3 challenges Adobe AIR

No, Microsoft have still not given up chasing Adobe’s tail. Silverlight 3 promises to challenge Adobe AIR by now allowing Silverlight applications to run on the desktop. This infoworld.com article is a first look at the forthcoming version of Silverlight from Microsoft. Read more.

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 5 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 5 new articles

0. Taking Full Screenshots of Web Pages Was Never This Easy!

aviary screenshots Do you want to capture a full screenshot of a web page without installing any software or browser extensions?

Well, here’s a simple trick.

Open the web page that you want to capture, go to the address bar of the browser and type...

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1. Stop Ignoring your Less Active Twitter Friends

The Twitter website and most desktop clients of Twitter present status updates of people you follow in a "River of News" format. That is, the most recent updates of your Twitter friends are always displayed at the top and these get pushed down...

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2. Download Firefox 3.5 Before Anyone Else

Mozilla will release a new version of Firefox 3.5 in the next few hours but if you are in no mood to wait any longer, download Firefox 3.5 (final release) using the following links:


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3. Want to See a Photo You've Taken on the Bing Homepage?

bing wallpaper

The homepage of bing.com features a new background image everyday - you can use the arrow buttons in the lower right corner to view images of the last 7 days or check this archive that includes every single image that has been showcased on Bing since...

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4. Import Google Images into your Office Documents

The Office Online website is an excellent resource to find high-resolution stock photographs, clip arts, GIF animations and other graphics that you can use in your PowerPoint presentations or Word Documents for free without having to worry about any...

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Down the Foxhole - FlashDen

Down the Foxhole - FlashDen

Link to Down the Foxhole

Last Week on Flashtuts+

Posted: 28 Jun 2009 10:02 PM PDT

Flashtuts+, the “sister” Web site of FlashDen, is part of the envato Tuts+ network, and features some of the best Flash, ActionScript and Flex tutorials on the Web in an easy-to-follow and engaging format.

Each week on FlashDen we will provide a roundup of all the previous week’s tutorials from Flashtuts+ as a reminder to brush-up on your Flash skills or to learn something new.

Develop a Useful Font Picker App with ActionScript 3.0

Jun 26th in ActionScript by Carlos Yanez

When working with typography, like designing logos, choosing the correct font is crucial. The selection process can be a little slow if you're testing each font in a design application. This tutorial will help you create your own font-testing app using Flash and ActionScript 3.0.

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Animate a Continuous Quad Run Cycle With Flash

Jun 24th in Animation by Michael Chen

In this tutorial we'll create a quad run cycle. The animation will be created using simple lines. Along the way we'll cover a bit of work flow and animation theory, then near the end we'll use Motion Tween and ActionScript to move the animal across the screen.

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Build a Multi-Purpose Contact Form With Flex

Jun 22nd in Flex by Shane Johnson

In this tutorial we'll be creating a custom Flex-built contact form. We'll be implementing many of the fantastic built-in features of the Flex framework, such as the validation methods, the alert box and datefield components to give our contact form added functionality. We'll also look into adjusting the CSS properties to give our application a unique look and style.

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Latest From : CleanTechnica

Latest From : CleanTechnica

Can the U.S. Government Be an Effective Cleantech VC?

Posted: 29 Jun 2009 06:00 AM PDT

As stimulus funding leads some industry insiders to think of Washington as “the new Wall Street” for green energy, some investment experts say they’re concerned about the government’s new role. “I worry about the government as a dealmaker in this space,” said Tom Bratkovitch, director of LP Capital Advisors, a consulting firm for private-equity investors, at a Thomson Reuters conference in Palo Alto, Calif., this week. “I just don’t know if the government is the best one to make decisions in this space.”

After all, the federal government has supported some technologies that have not panned out, while missing some that have ultimately been successful. The government also has a reputation for moving slowly – though the Department of Energy certainly is trying hard to get stimulus money out as quickly as possible – and the applications for the grants and loan guarantees can be extremely time-consuming.

The process of getting money from Washington is very different from anything most cleantech companies are used to dealing with. "There's always a moment of sobriety when people take a first look at a solicitation and realize it's not a grant-writing effort and really nothing like raising capital," Steve McBee, CEO of policy consultant McBee Strategic, told me last month. "It's a very different system, the tools are unfamiliar to them and the criteria and hurdles to get over are significant. Most companies aren't equipped to handle that on their own."

And the Washington and Silicon Valley cultures are a continent apart. "Washington has a very unique culture and a very strong culture – it has its own protocols and ways of doing things – and at some level, every dollar allocated in Washington has some type of political imperative behind it," McBee said. "It's very important to understand the nuanced policy goals behind the stated criteria to give yourself a chance at these opportunities. … That's very difficult to do if your professional experience is entirely informed by working in the Silicon Valley investment community."

Some insiders, such as Joe Walsh at CleanTechies, fear that political agendas might not always align with supporting the most competitive and innovative green technologies and businesses, leading the government to waste money on hopeless technologies. “We may get to the same or similar endgames no matter who is funding the technology development, but with the government doing it, it will cost A LOT more to get us there,” he wrote.

It’s not a new concern, but one that has become particularly relevant now that the government is poised to dole out more money to cleantech than ever before.

Still, private investors will definitely remain influential in charting cleantech's course. Washington isn't aiming to become a bank or a venture capitalist, but to incubate projects that are still too risky for equity markets, McBee said. "No one that I've talked to believes Washington is the solution to this problem exclusively," he said.

And in fact, because so many forms of government assistance require matching equity, companies that get government funding are more likely to get private equity as well, said Harrison Wellford, founder and managing director for Terrawell Energy, a consulting firm founded last year.. "If it looks like you're going to be a winner, then when you go out to get a private-equity infusion, you're much more likely to be successful," he said.

Image courtesy of Steve Wampler via a Flickr Creative Commons license.

Ultrasound Cleans Polluted Water, Makes Catfish Tastier

Posted: 29 Jun 2009 04:25 AM PDT

Sound waves can fight algae blooms and remove pollutants from water.One solution to the world’s water pollution problems could be something you can’t taste, touch, see, smell, or hear.  Especially hear.  Ultrasound, the range of frequencies beyond the limits of human hearing, is starting to emerge as an effective water treatment that is more sustainable than chemical dosing.  Researchers are discovering that ultrasound performs well on algae, and that’s only the beginning.  Ultrasound can remove a variety of pollutants in water, including those that affect the taste of America’s favorite fish, the catfish.

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Roof Shingles Made from Recycled Plastic and Rubber

Posted: 28 Jun 2009 11:35 AM PDT

Now, I’m no Bob Villa, but as a new homeowner who has to replace his roof, I have been looking into environmentally friendly alternatives to either asphalt or “premium” wood. And Enviroshake definitely falls into the first category. Made primarily of reclaimed materials, Enviroshake might just be the answer.

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