Monday, May 31, 2010

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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The file of the day is Gotham Narrow XML Banner Rotator &...

Posted: 31 May 2010 04:00 PM PDT

The file of the day is Gotham Narrow XML Banner Rotator & Image Viewer by marcfolio.

"As a Flash Developer I've built dozens of banner rotators for clients, and while taking their feedback into consideration and building off of past experiences I created this file the Gotham Narrow Banner Rotator & Image Viewer.

"With this file I wanted to build a something that was more than just another banner rotator. It needed to incorporate good design, be versatile, and easy to use—that in mind the Gotham Narrow Banner Rotator offers 4 different actions (link, download, enlarge, and play a video), is 100% skin-able through XML , can load every file type you can throw at it (gif, png, swf, jpg), and has multiple navigation modes for further customization.

"Whether you're in need of a new banner rotator, want to showcase your latest video, or you're looking for a way to present your latest portfolio the Gotham Narrow Banner Rotator & Image Viewer is a perfect solution."

Announcing secureSWF v3.5

Posted: 31 May 2010 04:00 AM PDT

Announcing secureSWF v3.5:

"Thanks to your continuous feedback, we have no shortage of new features to add to secureSWF. Today, we are thrilled to present secureSWF v3.5. As all minor point releases, this is a free upgrade to existing licensees."

Click the title to check out the new features.

Create a Full Screen, Scalable Flash Website: Part 1 “In...

Posted: 30 May 2010 10:00 PM PDT

Create a Full Screen, Scalable Flash Website: Part 1

"In this tutorial you'll learn how to create Flash sites that intelligently fill all the available space in the viewport, moving or resizing certain assets to make the best use of the space."

This video is for Section 1: Navigation. Click the link above for the rest of the tutorial.

Latest From : CleanTechnica

Latest From : CleanTechnica

Race is on for Largest Concentrating Solar Array in the U.S. and More Green Jobs, Too

Posted: 31 May 2010 06:37 AM PDT

Victor Valley College installs nation's largest concentrating solar array and adds new green jobs curriculumIn far less time than it will take BP to drill the relief wells needed to permanently stop the catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil spill, a community college has installed the largest concentrating solar array in the U.S. It took only two months of construction to install the six-acre array, which will generate about 2.6 million kilowatt hours of clean, renewable, spill-free energy annually.

The new solar array will supply about 30% of the electricity for Victor Valley College, which is part of the California community college system, and it will double as a learning center for new green jobs training programs.  With 109 schools, the system serves about 10% of U.S. students, so the quick conversion to solar at one campus adds a huge jolt of momentum to a trend that is converting college campuses across the country to renewable energy while training students for new green jobs, too.


Lake Erie Non Profit LEEDCo Wins GE Turbines

Posted: 30 May 2010 09:02 PM PDT

Progress was made this week to realizing the nations first wind freshwater wind farm in the shallow and vast expanse of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes, by the Lake Erie Energy Development Company.

The local non-profit group LEEDCo snared a deal with General Electric to supply the first five turbines for a $100 million demonstration project by 2012, as the first step of a 10-year plan to build a 200 turbine, 1,000 MW wind farm in the nearly 10,000 square mile lake by 2020, using state-of-the-art 4 MW turbines. (more…)

ExxonMobil Shareholders Demand Natural Gas Fracking Risk Assessment

Posted: 30 May 2010 12:38 PM PDT

At the ExxonMobil’s annual shareholders meeting on May 26th, the San Francisco-based sustainable investors group As You Sow asked for a vote on forcing the company to assess the risks to drinking water, public health, and shareholder value associated with hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

Representing the holders of 16,746 ExxonMobil shares valued at more than $1.1 million, As You Sow – as well as the two largest US proxy voting services, RiskMetrics Group and Proxy Governance – want to enforce disclosure of the environmental risks of “fracking” for natural gas, a process that injects high volumes of water, chemicals and particles underground to create fractures through which gas can flow for collection.

To make up for the complete absence of SEC filings from ExxonMobil covering environmental or regulatory risk, shareholders took the unusual step of filing their own assessment of these risks with the SEC. (more…)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Latest From : CleanTechnica

Latest From : CleanTechnica

House/Senate Jump for Electric Vehicle Legislation in Climate Bill

Posted: 29 May 2010 07:03 PM PDT

In a sign that suggests that legislators are turning their attention to renewable energy amendments for the climate and clean energy bill, three Senators and four House members have come up with virtually identical bills to ease the cost of transition to electric vehicle adoption in the US in the same way that the Japanese Government jump-started the Prius in its early days, with an increase in targeted subsidies. The similarity shows foresight, for that will ease the reconciliation between House and Senate bills later, if they make it that far.

The way related (renewable energy, in this case) bills work, is that they get added to bigger bills (in this case, the American Power Act).  That’s how bills get big: they have lots of individual policy ideas in them.  The Electric Drive Vehicle Deployment Act of 2010 would become part of the climate bill in floor amendments, after (and if) it can hurdle the 60 vote filibuster.

Senators Dorgan (D-ND) Alexander (R-TN) and Merkley (D-OR) and Representatives Markey (D-MA) Biggert (R-IL) and California Democrats Jerry McNerney and Anita Eshoo propose to invest about $10 billion to accelerate the adoption of electric cars with $10,000 rebates and incentives for infrastructure development. For now, they have two Republicans, but don’t count on that to stop a Senate filibuster. (more…)

U.S. Utilities are Poised to Elbow Fossil Fuels Out of the Picture with New Solar Partership

Posted: 29 May 2010 05:06 PM PDT

The Electric Power Research Institute joins the Solar Technology Acceleration Center to push new solar techElectric utility companies in the U.S. are starting shed their dependence on fossil fuels, what with some converting coal power plants to biomass and others launching ambitious plans for solar energy generation, including distributed solar micro-arrays.  Now they are taking the pursuit of new solar energy technology to the next level, with a new partnership between the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Solar Technology Acceleration Center (SolarTAC) in Colorado.

The partnership is significant because EPRI, a nonprofit research company, represents a good 90% of the electricity generated in the U.S.  Hooking EPRI up with SolarTAC, one of the newest and largest solar test facilities in the world, sends a clear signal that U.S. utilities are picking up the renewable energy pace.  And if that’s not clear enough, EPRI spells it out: “Anticipating renewable portfolio mandates and higher costs for fossil fuels, utilities are moving to develop renewable technology options.”


Inventor Uses Biomimicry to Create Dew

Posted: 29 May 2010 03:46 PM PDT

In harsh and inhospitable environments, with hot days and cold nights, this invention creates a temperate and moist earthen nursery for protecting and nurturing seeds into trees with a self replenishing source of drip irrigation. It is a plant incubator that's designed to cool faster than the night air, creating condensation.

The way nature sows seeds is ingenious. Birds eat the seed, their digestion process partly breaks them down, then they excrete them. The excretions blocks soil evaporation above the seed, providing a moist growing medium for the young plant.

That environment inspires this Popular Science Invention Award-winning Groasis Waterboxx by Lily grower Pieter Hoff. (more…)

First US State to Codify Law for Carbon Sequestration is Wyoming

Posted: 29 May 2010 12:18 PM PDT

Wyoming could be the first state to develop a comprehensive set of legal rules dealing with carbon sequestration risk. Before we begin carbon sequestration projects, say lawmakers in the state, we need to get some fundamental legal rights and responsibilities clear.

Which land owner can prevent a carbon sequestration project from taking place under their land – the mineral rights owner, or the surface land owner? Which owner is legally responsible for the storage? How about in 100 years? Which governmental entity should oversee best practices and enforce potential liability in carbon sequestration – and how can that department be funded to do the job adequately?

Now that several CCS pilot projects are under way, and with future limits on greenhouse gases inevitable – using either the unpopular carrots and sticks of cap and trade in APA, or the even more unpopular sticks-only regulation by EPA – other states with significant coal industries like Montana and South Dakota are following Wyoming’s efforts closely as they consider how to draw up their own rules.