Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Latest From : CleanTechnica

Latest From : CleanTechnica

Bacteria Can Build Better Roads for Our Peak Oil Years

Posted: 31 Oct 2010 08:17 AM PDT

Local jurisdictions in Red state America, increasingly unable to agree to taxes to jointly afford repaving at peak oil prices are simply letting roads decline – in the same way as after the fall of the Roman Empire, in the dark ages there, many roads in Europe returned to mud tracks.

But an innovative new oil-free way of surfacing roads could be on the way to save us from peak oil. This “sandstone” road surface is built by bacteria just using sand, so it’s cheaper. The idea from Thomas Kosbau + Andrew Wetzler is the winning entry in the Korean green design iida awards, announced by designboom.

The idea is to use an abundant resource – sand – and to mix the sand with a solution containing the microbe Bacillus Pasteurii, which cements the sand into a biologically engineered hardened sandstone. Then the sand-and-microbe solution is sprayed onto a layer of sand underneath and hardens the whole thing into a tough road surface made of bio-sandstone.

Currently roads are built of asphalt – a toxic material made of crude oil, that creates heat islands and is subject to peak oil. The advantages of replacing asphalt are both financial and environmental.

It takes 320 barrels of oil to build one kilometer of asphalt roadway.
Made from crude oil, asphalt had a price rise of 222% between 2003 and 2008, which is symptomatic of peak oil and likely to keep happening as we use up the remainder of a finite resource.
Asphalt off-gasses, especially in hot weather, and is carcinogenic, causes birth defects, and is harmful to skin and the immune system.
Asphalt roads contribute to the heat island effect, reaching temperatures of up to 150 degrees, transferring the heat to air.

If their “sandstone” is strong, durable and long-lasting enough, this bio-engineered road would appear to be brilliant solution. Not only does it take less energy to light a light-colored road surface at night, but the reduction in the heat island effect alone could reduce city temperatures up to 3 degrees C, further lowering city needs for air conditioning, which in turn further reduces CO2 emissions.

Susan Kraemer@Twitter

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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This Week At Envato

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 03:21 AM PDT

Well, it’s Saturday morning here in Australia, and we’ve hit the end of another week, and another month. The year is vanishing, and there’s only two weeks to go before I have a holiday. Woohoo!

I’m typing this at the local McDonalds while I sip a mango smoothie, use their free wifi, and watch my almost-two-year-old play in the playground. Do you ever work outside the office? Where do you go?

This Week’s Highlights

One of the highlights for me this week was the number of informative and educational posts on this blog. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Controversy on Activetuts+

Controversy erupted on Activetuts+ this week. A lot has been published recently on the advantages of HTML5 over Flash, with very few articles covering the advantages the other way. Since we have a few Flash-related sites, we decided we’d fill the gap. So Travis sat down in his igloo, grabbed his typewriter, and banged out an article – 10 Flash Things You Can’t Do With HTML5.

The reaction to the article has been incredible! We don’t generally write controversial articles just to get traffic – and that wasn’t our intention here – but major traffic is one thing that article has attracted. And comments. Fiery comments. Passionate comments. Heartfelt, emotional comments. Right now there’s just under a hundred of them. Travis has never felt so glad to live in the middle of nowhere.

We’re grateful for the traffic, but not sure what to make from the reaction. Does Travis always have that effect on people? Did he build his igloo under a bridge? Do you enjoy posts that express a strong opinion? Would you like to see more of them? Is it always a good sign that an article inspires a lot of comments? Let us know your thoughts.

Workspace Photos Now Featured Weekly

This week we started a new weekly feature – photos of workspaces. I hope you enjoy looking at where other people work as much as I do. Special thanks to Jords for getting us started.

Would you like your workspace featured on Envato Notes? Just upload it to Flickr, add an interesting description, and tag it with #envatonotesworkspaces. Each week we'll choose and publish a new photo. We already have eight entries – check them out here. And keep them coming!

Music in the Melbourne Office

There is no sound system or background music playing in the Melbourne office. Most of the time everyone works in silence, though a few listen to their own music on headphones. Even a lot of the conversations happen noiselessly via Skype chat. The percussion of billiard balls colliding occasionally breaks the silence.

This week Collis did something about that. He didn’t spring for amplifiers, speakers and some headbanging CDs. He didn’t hire a classical quartet to inspire the workers. And no, he didn’t sing a solo.

He simply turned up the music in his own headphones. A lot. Loud enough for workers across the room to listen. What was he listening to? Journey. Collis, you were noticed!

What about you? Do you listen to music when you work, or find it distracting? What do you listen to? Do you use headphones, or share the music with your co-workers?

Jeffrey Way’s Revenge

Our most-commented-on post this week was Jeffrey Wins a Bet. I enjoyed it too. Jeffrey plays Scrabble regularly with his fiance Allie, and neither of them want to lose a few games in a row – they punish each other. Though they certainly seem to enjoy winning!

Previously, we posted a video from Allie where she punished Jeffrey by making him eat a spoonful of Vegemite. We all enjoyed that one. This week Jeffrey posted his revenge: he made Allie practice karate punches with bent knees in a public place. I enjoyed watching. And I enjoyed watching the teenage boys watching. But most of all I enjoyed listening to Jeffrey’s comments as he savored the moment.

A lot of the comments to that post reckon Jeffrey let Allie off with too light a punishment. I agree. What would you have made your fiance do if you were Jeffrey?

Have a Great Weekend!

Well, it’s no longer Saturday morning, and I’m half way through my weekend. My son wanted lots of attention at the playground this morning, so I only half finished the post. But so far, the weekend has been great. Partly productive, and partly relaxing. I hope you’re having a great weekend too!

Latest From : CleanTechnica

Latest From : CleanTechnica

New Solar Powered Air Conditioning System Cools Beverage Trucks

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 09:00 AM PDT

Coca-Cola beverage trucks may get solar air conditioningThe Coca-Cola company has been introducing more electric vehicles and other low-emissions trucks into its massive fleet, and now researchers at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University are developing yet another alternative energy option. The team has been working on a solar powered air conditioning system that would significantly reduce or eliminate beverage delivery truck emissions related to cooling.

Solar Powered Air Conditioning for Beverage Trucks

Polytechnic has been collaborating on the Solar Energy System project with Green Power Industrial Ltd. and Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong, and a prototype truck is in operation on campus. It consists of a rooftop system that collects solar energy and stores it in a battery, so the use of alternative energy can continue during inclement weather. The battery storage system is also almost a necessity for using solar energy in high density urban delivery driving, when you consider that a delivery truck may frequent roads that are shaded by tall buildings, to say nothing of getting stuck in traffic, especially in a tunnel.

Solar Power and Air Conditioning

Solar air conditioning almost sounds like an oxymoron, but not when you consider that it simply refers to an air conditioning system that runs on electricity harvested from solar energy. The U.S. Navy caught on to the solar air conditioning concept several years ago, and commissioned some test models from a company called GreenCore.  Like other branches of the armed forces, the Navy has also been installing solar power parking lots, which conceivably could be used to power up electric vehicles and provide solar energy for on board air conditioning.

Image: Coca-Cola truck by thomaswanhoff on

New Micro-Wind Turbine Company Makes Owning Wind Power a Breeze

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 03:00 AM PDT

Totempower Energy Systems markets new micro-wind turbines with City University of LondonA new clean tech company called Totempower Energy Systems Ltd. has come up with an easy way to put wind power within the grasp of everyday homeowners. The company is developing new micro-wind turbines that are designed for close quarters and non-disruptive installation, but the real key to getting more micro-wind turbines into consumers’ hands is the company’s “ease of ownership” plan which provides a soup-to-nuts service including site selection and connecting the turbine to the home electrical system.

Taking the Work out of Wind Power

Totempower’s approach is similar to that of CleanTechnica’s former host, One Block Off the Grid (, which arranges group discounts for solar energy installations, performed by pre-vetted solar companies. It relieves homeowners a considerable amount of time that would otherwise be spent in educating oneself about wind power, figuring out if one’s property includes an appropriate location (which includes any local regulations or permitting processes), shopping for a suitable system, and finding a  reputable company to install it. Totempower’s system is designed for easy no-excavation installation, and easy maintenance.

Totempower’s New Micro-Wind Turbine

The new wind turbine was developed under a partnership with the City University London, based on a patented, low cost technology developed by the University called the Passive Air-jet Vortex Generator. The high-efficiency aerodynamics enable the turbine to operate at lower speeds, which presumably would help mute the any noise. More to the point, Totempower’s goal is to make wind turbine ownership as simple as owning any other standard home energy device such as a furnace or hot water heater. Testing at the University is under way and the company hopes to secure financing to bring two models into production by 2012 – a smaller model for individual homes and a larger one for commercial facilities or community power generation.

Image: Kites in the wind by ronnie44052 on

BrightSource Energy is First to Qualify for 30% Recovery Act Federal Funding

Posted: 29 Oct 2010 05:55 PM PDT

This week BrightSource Energy was the first of the California utility-scale solar projects to make it over the finish line by the deadline of December 31st, 2010. Their 392 MW solar thermal project at Ivanpah has broken ground on time.

Now it qualifies for renewable energy funding under the Recovery Act – the stimulus bill that California’s Senator Boxer was instrumental in getting written into the legislation.

"At Ivanpah, we're demonstrating that the U.S. can lead in the clean energy race by building the largest solar plant in the world." said John Woolard, President and CEO of BrightSource Energy at the ground breaking ceremony.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, another booster for renewable energy, opined that "Projects like this one are helping us meet our long-term energy and environmental goals, while creating jobs and moving us toward a cleaner, more sustainable future – a future where California leads the nation and the world in a clean energy revolution."

Of the 16 gigawatts of new renewable power being put on the grid with support from the Recovery Act, 11 gigawatts is in the West, and most of that is solar on California’s deserts. If all 16 gigawatts make it in time, by the end of December, thus qualifying for the 30% subsidy, it will double the US renewable energy supply, getting more renewable energy on the US grid than in the last thirty years combined.

That sounds sensible.  But there’s a catch, as there always is in any clean energy legislation that has to get through our plutocratic Senate.

The 30% cash grant funding under the Recovery Act for this sea change in US energy is like Cinderella’s coach, that is held together as if by magic, and turns back into a humble pumpkin at the stroke of midnight.

To get funded, projects have to break ground by midnight on December 31st, 2010. Since it easily takes 18 months for solar projects to get through environmental reviews, the proviso is a killer.

So, despite truly heroic efforts from each of the bureaucracies that permit energy -  the CPUC, CEC and BLM – that have had to race to get these approved since the Recovery Act passed in March last year – their approvals are not enough. Even the contracts with the utilities (PG&E, SDG&E and SCE) are not enough. Actually sticking a shovel in the dirt by the end of 2010 is what counts.

It is fitting that BrightSource Energy be the one that makes it through. BrightSource is the heir to Luz, California’s first solar thermal energy company, that was bankrupted by 1992 by low fossil energy prices and poor legislative support for clean energy at both the Federal and state level back then.

Luz built California’s pioneering solar thermal project, back in the ’80s. It is still going strong thirty years later, having pumped out 14,000 gigawatt-hours of clean solar energy – so far – from the California desert.

This year, the Federal government provided a $1.37 billion loan guarantee to its successor, BrightSource Energy.

Image: Senator Boxer of California meets with BrightSource
Susan Kraemer@Twitter

Friday, October 29, 2010

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Link to Envato Notes

Case Study: Kaptinlin

Posted: 28 Oct 2010 06:45 PM PDT

“How long does it take to become successful in the marketplaces?” Well, for everyone it is different. But it doesn’t have to take long. Kaptinlin is a great example.

Kaptinlin is a new ThemeForest author – he became a marketplace member only last month. He has a single item on the marketplaces, pictured above. I first heard about him in a couple of tweets from @Collis recently.

The first tweet is encouraging for all new authors:

The great thing about ThemeForest is a brand new author can create a smash success with their very first theme –

This was followed up with another tweet with the juicy details:

That theme has sold $13,000 worth in 2.5 weeks, and is still going very strong! Well done kaptinlin!

That’s amazing. Stop drooling! In around a month Kaptinlin has made 476 sales of his single item which costs $35. He has also collected 67 followers and 277 comments. I haven’t read all the comments, but the ones I saw were all very positive. Here’s an example from repeater75:

"This is hands down the best theme I have ever worked with for WordPress and the support is first-rate. Thanks for the phenomenal work. I am really enjoying the flexibility offered by your very well-considered admin interface. It goes much deeper thanks to the very granular control options for colors, fonts, and much more. I can't say enough what a pleasure it is to use this theme after some less pleasant experiences recently. Your admin framework is nothing short of amazing and my site looks beautiful!"

Many of the other comments are similar, and speak of the usefulness and quality of the item, and the responsiveness of the support. Congratulations, Kaptinlin. I’m sure your success will continue!

So, this case study proves that it’s possible to achieve success in the marketplaces quickly, but it doesn’t say much about how to get there. You may be wondering if Kaptinlin has any secrets, and whether he’s willing to share them. In the coming months we’ll see if we can bring you a detailed interview with him.