Thursday, January 27, 2011

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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Ruby, the Envato API and More at

Posted: 27 Jan 2011 04:48 AM PST

Web developer Levi Hackwith recently began his first solid attempt at learning Ruby, and is chronicling his journey on his blog Besides being a great place to pick up detailed tips on Ruby, you might also pick up some tasty snippets about his wife, GraphicRiver manager and FreelanceSwitch editor Amanda Hackwith.

Here is one such snippet:

Quote from Wife: You teach me charm and I’ll teach you authority!

I also enjoy this: “I'm a big fan of GraphicRiver, especially since my wife is the site manager there as well as the editor of FreelanceSwitch. That's right, I married an Internet rock-star.”

But back to Ruby. Levi decided that his first project would be to combine data from the Envato API with RMagick to create a collage of thumbnails from some of the more popular images on GraphicRiver.

If your curious about how his project went, the code that he used, or his thoughts about his first major Ruby experience – or even if you’re just after ammunition to tease Amanda with – then head over to his blog today.

Your Say: How Do You Feel About Google Dropping H.264?

Posted: 27 Jan 2011 12:39 AM PST

google chrome poster at old street underground stationImage by osde8info at Flickr

We want to hear from you. Each week we give you a chance to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Have your say!

Google have dropped support of H.264 video in their Chrome browser in preference for their own WebM format. What’s your take? Are they backing a winner, doing an Apple, manipulating the market or eating their dogfood? What should they do?

January Podcast with PhotoDune Giveaway Released!

Posted: 26 Jan 2011 08:23 PM PST

This months episode of the Envato Community Podcast is a special one. Joining us in this episode is the web dev guru and Nettuts+ manager, Jeffrey Way. Jeffrey is currently visiting the Melbourne office and was nice enough to drop by for our recording. We also have a chat with the one of the funniest people at Envato, Aaron Osteraas.

Don’t wait, start listening to this months podcast! Subscribe, downloads, and show notes below.

Oh, and did we mention there is a special giveaway to users who listen to this episode? Well there is, be sure to listen and see the full post for more information.

Show Notes

  • Next on the “new category” list is Joomla Plugins. If a listener is a rockstar in that area, contact Jeffrey at
    sitemanager {at} codecanyon {dot} net to discuss creating paid seed content for the category.
  • 3dOceans new script and plugins category.
  • Don’t forget to check out the AudioJungle Author Resources
  • We have a 15% discount on tickets to the Flash Gaming Summit. Just use the code 15activeden when registering.
  • We have a 10% off discount on FITC Toronto tickets. Just use the code ActiveDen10 when registering.
  • We have a new price point on the Tuts+ Marketplace for shorter tutorials starting at $2.
  • Android.AppStorm has officially launched and is covering all things Android.
  • The Piecemaker 2 has been released.
  • The First Annual State of the Web Design Trends has been posted to WebDesignTuts+
  • We have many VectorTuts+ source files available for purchase now on the Tuts+ Marketplace.
  • See below for giveaway details mentioned on the podcast!


If you listened to the podcast, then you’ll know that we’re giving away 10 PhotoDune beta invites. The first 10 people that ask for them in the comments will get the codes. Be sure to enter a working email address when leaving a comment so we can contact you if you win! Please note that PhotoDune beta access is subject to quality approval.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of the podcast, if there is something you particularly enjoyed or if you have any feedback for us we’d love to hear it. Let us know in the comments section.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

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