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Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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This Week at Envato – Are You Obsessed with Drew?

Posted: 11 Feb 2011 06:43 PM PST

This week at Envato we logoed a cat, managed virtual staff and created a poster. We watched a crazy Youtube video that reminds me of the game Mousetrap. And we can’t seem to stop the community designing Envato t-shirts or obsessing about Drew. Details after the jump!

Here are the highlights from Envato Notes this week:

Envato Cat!

Skellie’s cat with a super awesome Envato collar courtesy of the talented Allie – who is Jeffrey “Nettuts” Way’s fiancée!

Envato Cat!

We’re sorry to say that Jeffrey and Allie’s visit to Australia is almost at an end. Hope you had a great time!

FreelanceSwitch: Useful Resources and Tips for Managing Your Virtual Staff

Last week Jeffrey Way let us know what it is like first-hand to run an Envato blog. In an almost perfect follow on article, this week FreelanceSwitch published Useful Resources and Tips for Managing Your Virtual Staff. If you’re a web worker or part of an online team you’ll find it an excellent read.

Here’s a snippet:

If you are a typical freelancer, you probably started your business as a one person show, working from home, and spending much of the first year performing every aspect of your operation. But as your client list starts to grow, there soon comes a time where you will find yourself with more work than you can handle, but you aren't ready yet to take on the hassles of setting up an office location.

Also, at this stage of your business, you may feel a sense of uncertainty and resistance about letting someone else handle aspects of your business which are confidential in nature. Can you really trust another person to do the right thing by your business?

A trend that has been gaining in popularity is hiring virtual staff (employees who work via the Internet) to help manage your business. It is a relatively easy matter to visit online job boards, or outsourcing and freelancing sites to recruit a suitable person for your business. Recruitment can be done in a matter of hours or days, and the successful candidate could be starting work with you tomorrow!

Vectortuts+ Community Poster Session

We’re near the end of our Vectortuts+ Community Poster Session. We’ve had some pretty funny posters added to our Facebook Group. Check them out here: And while you’re there, click “Like”!

Creme That Egg

What do they say about amusing small minds? This video has nothing to do with Envato except that it was noticed by one of our team members this week—Tuts+ Associate Manager Aaron Osteraas. And it amused him. Thanks Oz! Enjoy.

Are You Obsessed with Drew?

The community’s obsession with Drew continues to reach terrifying heights. GraphicRiver author Dzinc starts some pretty awesome forum discussions, and this week it was all about t-shirts: “If you could design your very own GraphicRiver T-shirt, what would it look like?”

There are some great t-shirt designs posted—it’s definitely worth scrolling through the thread. But as usual, it all came back to Drew:

Guess who thinks this t-shirt is a winner!

Well, that’s it for this week. Have a great weekend!

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