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Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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Meet the Staff: The Tuts+ Marketplace Team

Posted: 02 Oct 2011 05:00 PM PDT

Dabbling with programming languages, watching an unhealthy number of films, studying anthropology and photojournalism, releasing material with the world’s leading record labels. Meet the Tuts+ Marketplace team.

Sometimes, it's easy to forget that actual human beings that sort through each and every submission to the Tuts+ Marketplace on a daily basis. The following staff members make up our review team and are all an integral part of both Tuts+ and other Envato projects. They also each have a huge passion for their area of expertise and are super friendly, so feel free to say hello to them!

Kate McInnes

  • Username: Loungkat
  • Role: Tuts+ Marketplace Lead Reviewer and Design Tutorial Reviewer
  • Marketplace Member Since: August, 2010
  • Other Envato™ Projects:Vectortuts+ Associate Editor
  • Follow on Twitter: @loungekat

Kate McInnes (aka – LoungeKat) is an Illustrator and Designer from Melbourne, Australia and is the Associate Editor at Vectortuts+ and one half of the creative duo, McKelly.

She the Design Reviewer as well as the Lead Reviewer for the Tuts+ Marketplace. As Lead Reviewer she helps make sure all technical questions are addressed and that our review team runs smoothly.

Her illustration work has been exhibited locally and internationally in shows such as Yen magazine's Curvy, Gimme Shelter, Dex,Plastic Pimps, FreQee, The Colour of Munny and Toy2R's DIY Bart tour.

Working as a designer and a freelance illustrator you can see her work on custom toys, skateboards, badges, t-shirts, cd covers, greeting cards and limited edition prints.

Michael James Williams

  • Username: MichaelJW
  • Role: Tuts+ Marketplace Multimedia Tutorial Reviewer
  • Marketplace Member Since: February, 2010
  • Other Envato™ Projects: Technical Editor for Activetuts+
  • Follow on Twitter: @MichaelJW

Michael is a freelance Flash developer and technical writer. He is the technical editor for Activetuts+, and writes AS3 game development tutorials on his blog.

Andrew Burgess

  • Username: andrew8088
  • Role: Tuts+ Marketplace Web Development Tutorial Reviewer
  • Marketplace Member Since: April, 2009
  • Other Envato™ Projects: Associate Editor for Nettuts+
  • Follow on Twitter: @andrew8088

Hi! I'm Andrew Burgess, the Web Development Reviewer on the Tuts+ Marketplace. Since April 2009, I've been hanging around the Marketplaces, but only as an occasional buyer (I guess that means I've been primarily lurking). I've been the Web Dev reviewer since the Tuts+ Marketplace started in September 2010.

I've been working with the web since 2006. I discovered Envato™in February 2009, and since then, my learning has been exponential. I'm currently the Associate Editor at Nettuts+, where I've been writing regularly for over a year now. I've dabbled with over a dozen programming languages, but I'm most comfortable in JavaScript and Ruby.

Apart from the web stuff, I love writing in general, and have been writing for almost my entire life. I also enjoy spending time with my family, hiking and bird watching; I'm still living at home and have nine younger siblings.

Matt Brealey

  • Username: matt_brealey
  • Role: Tuts+ Marketplace 3D Graphics and CG Tutorial Reviewer
  • Marketplace Member Since: January 2010
  • Other Envato™ Projects: Associate Editor for Cgtuts+ Site Editor
  • Follow on Twitter: @badgrenola

Matt has worked in the UK as a freelance hard-surface 3D modeler for the last 5 years, and can mostly be found in various locations across London demoing many things to many people. He is also the current site-editor of Cgtuts+. Aside from dreaming up near-impossible fx shots, in his spare time Matt claims to also play guitar and watch an almost unhealthy number of films…

Cameron Knight

    Cameron Knight
  • Username: cameronknight
  • Role: Tuts+ Marketplace Photography Tutorial Reviewer
  • Marketplace Member Since: September 2010
  • Other Envato™ Projects: Associate Editor for Phototuts+ Writer
  • Follow on Twitter: @ckpj99

I'm a professional photojournalist and new media professional based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I work full time as New Media Director and Photo Editor at the alternative newsweekly CityBeat. I have degrees in photojournalism and anthropology from Western Kentucky University. Like everyone else, I use digital cameras, but I have a passion for keeping film photography alive. My work can be seen at and the blog on that site currently shows a film project I'm working on. I write for a variety of photography websites including Phototuts+

Mo Volans

  • Username:
  • Role: Tuts+ Marketplace Audio Tutorial Reviewer
  • Marketplace Member Since: August 2010
  • Other Envato™ Projects: Audiotuts+ Writer

Mo has been a professional in the music industry for around 15 years. He has released material with the world's leading record labels and also produces music for TV and Film. Mo is also a prolific writer and is a regular contributor to magazines such as Music Tech, Future Music and EQ magazine. There isn't a piece of music software that Mo isn't intimately familiar with and he lives happily on the cutting edge of music technology.

Brian Foote

  • Username: baf2681
  • Role: Tuts+ Marketplace Video Tutorial Reviewer
  • Marketplace Member Since: February 2008
  • Other Envato™ Projects: Reviewer for VideoHive
  • Follow on Twitter: @b_foote1

Brian, the lead reviewer of VideoHive, needs little introduction. To date he's reviewed 4,000 submissions, quite the impressive feat. By day, he hones his craft working on projects for Food Network, HGTV, RCA, Motorola, Sirius Radio, and Trump Entertainment. But when night falls, he suits up, and scours the VideoHive queue searching out files that don't meet our strict quality standards. He also brings his skill and experience to reviewing the video tutorials on the Tuts Marketplace.

Unfortunately for his wife, he loves spending his time tuning his car. He also enjoys sports including Baseball, Basketball, and Football (the American kind). He's been skating since he was 12, and has managed to break pretty much every bone in his body. I guess 16 years of falling down prevents him from doing it as often as he used to. But he still manages to roll around from time to time. He's recently auditioned to be a cast member, but even if he doesn't get the part, you'll still be able to find him fist pumping up and down the Jersey Shore every summer!

Mike Vardy

  • Username: MikeVardy
  • Role: Tuts+ Marketplace Business Tutorial Reviewer
  • Marketplace Member Since: August 2010
  • Other Envato™ Projects: Site Editor of WorkAwesome
  • Follow on Twitter: @mikevardy

I am the editor of Envato's popular work/productivity site WorkAwesome and I'm the Tuts+ Marketplace Business Reviewer.

Outside of the Envato realm, I am known as the creator of the personal productivity parody site, Eventualism, and co-host Canada's premier independent pop culture/tech podcast known as DyscultureD (streamed live every Wednesday at 9:30 EST /6:30 PST ).

In addition to contributing to other productivity sites ( GTD Times, Productive! Magazine), I have also spoken about productivity at several conferences (IdeaWave, Social Media Camp Victoria, WordCamp Victoria).

I live in Victoria, BC, Canada with my wife, daughter and son.

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