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Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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Featured Desktop: VennerConcept

Posted: 13 Oct 2011 04:23 PM PDT

Here’s a gorgeous desktop from GraphicRiver/CodeCanyon author VennerConcept (rulhaf on Flickr). Click the image to explore it full size on Flickr.

I love the minimalism and simplicity of this desktop. Here’s how it’s described on Flickr:

Respect for the time
work smart with useful tools
and music is my inspiration all of the day

So, what do you think of VennerConcept's desktop? Let us know in the comments.

Would you like your desktop featured on Envato Notes? Upload your screenshot somewhere on the Web and let us know about it on our Write a Post page. Or upload it to Flickr and tag it with #envatonotesdesktops. Either way, add an interesting description. Each week we'll choose and publish a new screenshot.

Have You Checked Out Envato Extras?

Posted: 13 Oct 2011 12:11 PM PDT

Since officially launching back in August, Envato Extras has nearly doubled in size. Extras is the site to go to for all your Envato API needs. We’ve recently added some helpful API tutorials along with a bunch of new tools.

Let’s take a look at some of the newest additions!

Un-Official Envato Community Toolbar

Stay connected and get so much more with this slick Envato community toolbar.


  • The Best of Our Site: Get our freshest content delivered directly to your browser,no matter where you are on the Web.
  • Powerful Search: Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines.
  • App Marketplace: Choose from thousands of free apps for your browser.
  • Notifications to Your Desktop: Receive our most important news and announcements instantly.
  • Hand-Picked Links: Check out all of our favorite places on the Web.

iLeaf v1.0

iLeaf is an application designed for android Mobile its let you display recent & popular files, popular authors, and actives posts for each Envato marketplace.

In addition to browsing the marketplaces files and blog posts in such stylish fashion, using your username & API Key, you can securely access your most recent sales, account balance, total items, Followers, commission rate, monthly sales statements, last items in your portfolio and your sales & earnings graphs.

Envato Currency Converter

This is a Google Chrome Extension for automatically converting your
earnings to your local currency.

When you enter your earnings page with this installed, all of the USD values in the tables, your total earnings and your current balance will have the translated values appended next to them.

The extension automatically detects your local currency by checking your country setting of your profile, but you can also change the currency manually through the extension's settings page (type chrome://extensions/ in the URL bar). I'm using a Google's currency converter API, so the rates should always be up to date.

Envatitor Embedded

This will help you to write forum threads faster and nicer!

It's capable for improvements at this point but first I would like to test it in the wild.

As ever:

  • Test it, use it, spread the word about it!
  • Give me feedback, which features should get included.

iEnvato 2

iEnvato 2.0 is here! The new version bring many improvements: advanced statistics, brand new look and much more. The new version of iEnvato constantly stores your sales in the XML so after few months of using it you will have full record of your sales, also you can add them manually from your CSV files (statements).

Case Study: RTEwork – Quantity Helps!

Posted: 13 Oct 2011 04:32 AM PDT

Just because quality trumps quantity doesn’t make quantity a bad thing. While some authors have done very well with tiny portfolios, having lots of quality items only increases your chances of success. As long as quality isn’t compromised.

Take RTEwork for example. He currently has a total of 207 3D models in 3DOcean. That’s a mind-blowing number! Especially given the amount of work it takes to create each model.

That vast number of items doesn’t mean he is unconcerned with quality. It just means he works hard! When being interviewed for Envato Notes, he gave this advice about how to create a successful portfolio:

The most important things for your portfolio are: the quality of mesh structure (avoid triangles), unwrap, the quality of your textures, fine-tuning of materials, and of course rendering the scene. The last one is the most important thing – how effectively you can show your model.

So it’s not just the quality he’s concerned about – it’s also the way you present that quality to potential buyers. And yet with that focus on quality, he also managed to achieve quantity!

While not all of his items have sold yet, many have. And that includes some of his most expensive items. And when potential buyers peruse his portfolio, they are greeted by such a variety of items they are more likely to find exactly what they are looking for.

Here are some of his best-selling items. Check out his eye for detail, and his concern for presentation.

Low Poly Base Mesh Female

This package contains 3 versions of a low poly female base mesh (with face, with toes and without). The mesh consists of 100% quads and is optimized for sculpting with even poly distribution and slightly higher poly concentrations in areas of high detail like the face. The clean edge flow makes it easy to modify the mesh and make conform fitting clothes. It is also a great starting point for low poly game characters.

iPhone 4

This is a very accurate model of the iPhone 4. All parts of this model have been modelled separately to achieve as much realism as possible e.g. both cameras have been modelled to make it look real and not just placed an image as a texture. Furthermore each and every detail of the real product has been noticed and has been turned over into the real model e.g. the center metal part has been assigned the porous and matte metal material whereas its edges have been assigned a shiny material which makes it so photorealistic.


All in all the great base mesh, superior ztool and maya scene makes this a solid starter kit for building your own female characters. Be it for low poly games or high poly render movies.

I have had a vast number of influences for this model (Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Patricia Ford and some others). She has a fit, toned, luscious, curvy body shape unlike the standard slim types that you see on a catwalk and of course I couldn't help but exaggerate the proportions a little.

Keep up the great work, RTEworks!

PhotoDune Pick-a-Wallpaper Winner

Posted: 12 Oct 2011 08:37 PM PDT

The time has come to announce the winner of the PhotoDune Pick-a-Wallpaper contest. It turns out wallpapers reflect personal style and throughout the Envato office debate raged about what the winning wallpaper would look like. Would it be full of white spaces, bright colours, nature or architecture? The winner was  difficult to choose but only one image could take the prize!

Congratulations to Viz who posted the winning wallpaper Winter Landscape by SimpleFoto.

Lucky Viz has won $100 of Marketplace Credit to buy enough PhotoDune wallpapers to entertain him for the rest of the year!

Winter Landscape

This image has enough space to make sure the users desktop is clear and crisp. The contrast of the white on blue makes it stimulating without being overwhelming, all in all it’s a fantastic wallpaper.
With 119 entries to choose from we felt it was only fair to award 4 runners up.
Special mentions to: SBJewel who posted Sun Light Forest by plampy.

fahmyzone for posting Dandelion Seeds by alessaandrozocc.

Giallo for posting this cute frog on a wet surface by mvaligursky.

and pixelworkshop, who was the first to post the popular waiting for the sunset by akarelias.

A big round of applause for everyone who entered, we hope everyone who joined in found a new PhotoDune wallpaper or two in the process!

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