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Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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Freebie Friday: Freebies on AppStorm

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 10:55 PM PST

The AppStorm team have been hard at work again. Here is a huge bunch of great free apps and web services they covered.


LyX: Produce Great Looking TeX Documents With EaseLyX: Produce Great Looking TeX Documents With Ease

TeX is one of the lesser known ways of creating documents as it has mostly extremely specialized uses. The typesetting system was designed and written (mostly) by Donald Knuth during the late 1970′s and is a popular choice for typing documents for two main reasons. The first is that documents are standardized across all computers and the results do not change with time. Despite the fact TeX is an old system, the documents still look (relatively) up-to-date, albeit a little lacking in color and design.

The second reason why TeX is so popular, especially in the academic world, is the way it renders maths and mathematical formulas. The range of formulas that can be constructed using TeX is vast and far more flexible than the offerings of other programs (for example Word's built-in equation editor). The only hindrance to typing up your documents in TeX is that there a very steep learning curve associated with it. TeX is more like a code, with commands and functions and it's not as easy as simply loading up Word and tapping away.

However, there is now a way to write in TeX without having to learn the whole coding procedure before hand, and it comes in the form of a freeware program called LyX. It is a very flexible program and allows you create a wide range of documents easily and quickly.
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Wishlists Made Simple with WhimventoryWishlists Made Simple with Whimventory

If you're like me, you'll have learnt to love the convenience of ordering products through online retailers such as Amazon. However, the almighty Amazon boasts a feature which has proven to be incredibly helpful when wanting to save items that you'd consider purchasing in the future but not at the moment – wishlists. If you don't want to be confined to the Amazon interface and would like a solution that focuses primarily on wishlists themselves and nothing else, look no further than Whimventory.

Whimventory is a cool new alternative and it offers support for multiple online stores, password-protected lists and even allows you to share your wishlists with a single click. Like what you hear? Read on to find out more.
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Quick Look: QVIVOQuick Look: QVIVO

In this Quick Look, we're highlighting QVIVO. The developer describes QVIVO as QVIVO is a social media center app making your entire media collection available on any device, all organized and in sync via the QVIVO Cloud.

QVIVO automatically imports your movie, TV and music files from around your home into beautiful libraries, complete with covers, trailers and even subtitles. All media files, iTunes libraries and playlists added to one QVIVO device shows up on all of them.
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Organize Your Team With OrchestraOrganize Your Team With Orchestra

It's no secret that I'm somewhat of a productivity junkie, and I'm often looking for the latest and greatest way to keep track of my to-do's and deadlines. In the more recent months of working with these apps, a particularly explosive niche that I've noticed has been web apps and services dedicated to organizing a team. Collaborative to-do lists, group calendars, and even direct communication platforms are examples of core features that are finding their way into these apps.

Today I'm going to take a look at the web service Orchestra, one of the more lightweight solutions to collaborative productivity. Orchestra has both a web app interface as well as a companion iPhone app that was just reviewed earlier today on iPhone.AppStorm. Hit the jump to find out more about how this web app can coordinate efforts between you and your coworkers.
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Quick Look: PicfullQuick Look: Picfull

In this Quick Look, we're highlighting Picfull. The developer describes Picfull as a web app that makes it incredibly easy to customize and filter photos in real time, with a focus on unique, high quality photo filters that are truly easy to use. Our selection ranges from vintage filters to bolder modern ones, each of which has its own set of parameters that can be tweaked by the user in real time. Plus, multiple filters can be applied to the same photo, allowing endless variations.
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Freedcamp: Manage Projects Like a Pro for FreeFreedcamp: Manage Projects Like a Pro for Free

Over the past few years the way we work has changed drastically – most companies now implement intranets or web apps to communicate within their organizations, invoices and accounting are managed in the cloud and teams share ideas and work together without being in the same office or even the same country. We have the internet to thank for this, as web apps have cropped up to suit every need for every kind of task or group. Of all the work-related functions we can carry out using apps, the most important would probably be project management – after all, it's what helps teams and clients stay on the same page throughout a partnership, communicating, solving problems and building together.

There are several project management apps available including Project Bubble, Pivotal Tracker, Subernova, Apollo and Basecamp. These are all great options but what if you need to keep costs down? Freedcamp may be your answer – it's a free app that aims to rival the major players in this segment, and is suitable for smaller teams and their clients. But does it have what it takes to become the app of choice for project managers? Let's find out.
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Add Some Zing to Your Photos with PicFullAdd Some Zing to Your Photos with PicFull

iPhone users around the world love Instagram – the photo sharing app that allows you to add cool effects to your pictures before showing them off to the world. The effects modify the colors, mood and tonality of your photos and can also add borders, making them look much better than what your phone's stock camera app can shoot. Instagram's filters can also be applied to pictures you've already shot, and finally, every photo you edit can be shared easily on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Now wouldn't it be great if there was something like this for the web?

Picfull has got you covered. It's a simple free app that lets you apply filters to your photos and share them with friends and family quickly and easily. It's a breeze to learn to use and has a number of nice effects and editable parameters to tweak your pictures till you get the desired look. The effects available are comparable to Instagram and you don't need any prior experience working with photos to use it. Is this how you'll be sharing your photos from now on? Let's find out.
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Blogging Creatively with Jux.comBlogging Creatively with is a publishing platform which allows users to showcase their work in a streamlined portfolio format with no prior knowledge of coding or web design. Filling a void somewhere between Flickr and Blogger, Jux strives to set itself apart by being a publishing platform for creative professionals.

Users not only have the ability to quickly and easily post block quotes, articles, photos, videos, slideshows and top-10 countdowns, but also the tools to do so in a beautifully organized and fully intuitive gallery format. was launched just a few short months ago, but it is already demonstrating why good design and approachability can lead to a substantial following. The rest of this post will delve into Jux and discuss the many benefits it can bring to your creative ventures.
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Tweets Timed Perfectly with TimelyTweets Timed Perfectly with Timely

If you're looking to reach an audience with your online communication, there can be no better platform than one of the social giants, Twitter. However, there can be times where your tweet doesn't seem to have garnered any interest – not because it's not interesting, but because it was poorly-timed. After all, you could be tweeting one of the most interesting messages in the world but if your target audience is asleep, they're probably not going to see it when it's most relevant.

Timely's here to fix that. It ensures that your tweets are sent out there when they'll have the highest impact. Read on to find out more.
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Orchestra: Everybody Plays a PartOrchestra: Everybody Plays a Part

There is no shortage of to-do apps in the App Store. There are apps that will sync across platforms, apps that only reside on your phone and apps that live primarily on the web. I would say that behind games and camera applications, to-do apps are the most popular in the store.

They all offer different features, and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Today we're going to take a look at Orchestra, the app that aims to be home for your own personal to-do list and the tasks that need to get done by, or are assigned by, the other people that you work with. It also has a companion app which we reviewed on our sister site, Web.AppStorm as well.
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Chefs Feed: Where Chefs Eat On Their Days OffChefs Feed: Where Chefs Eat On Their Days Off

Ever wonder where your city's most revered chefs eat on their days off? What restaurant would they choose for a first date? Where is their favorite spot to grab late night grub? All of these questions were on the minds of the Chefs Feed team when they came up with the idea to get recommendations from people who actually know what they are talking about — the chefs themselves.
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Quick Look: gUnit LiteQuick Look: gUnit Lite

In this Quick Look, we're highlighting gUnit Lite. The developer describes gUnit Lite as an intuitive unit and currency converter that provides lightning fast results. It has an ultra sleek design and features all the essential unit and currency conversions. gUnit Lite is the ultimate unit converter app for your iPhone and iOS device.

Get your FREE copy today!
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Quipster: Something to Quip AboutQuipster: Something to Quip About

With the bevy of mobile check-in apps on the market, TechCrunch pointedly asked "do we really need another mobile check-in app?" when Quipster first launched earlier this year. In the following months, Quipster clearly proved the answer is "yes."

Allowing users to check-in, share and connect with others — these are the fundamental basics of Quipster. Learn how Quipster sets itself apart after the jump.
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Contre Jour: Surreal & Soothing PuzzlerContre Jour: Surreal & Soothing Puzzler

Chillingo's Contre Jour is a perfect game for chilling out, as its seller's name suggests. This wonderfully weird title takes players on a soothing little trip through a world that's clearly on the flipside. Contre Jour is a French term, mostly used in film and photography, that means "against daylight." The twilight world of Contre Jour's odd little hero fits its name perfectly.
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Groovebug: Your Musical SolutionGroovebug: Your Musical Solution

There are plenty of ways to discover new music nowadays: pretty much any music-related app will try to recommend you new artists based on your taste, and that isn't even counting the media and most importantly, your friend's recommendations. There are also plenty of ways to find information and videos from your favorite artists on your iPad.

However, is there any way to do all of those with one simple app? If you'd like to have an all-round music app that can help you find information, videos, and much more stuff from your favorite artists while navigating a simple and pretty iPad app, then you might be interested in Groovebug. Let's take a look!
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Want a Beautiful Action Game? Try Wind-Up Knight!Want a Beautiful Action Game? Try Wind-Up Knight!

Games on mobile platforms have been slowly improving over the past few years. Today, instead of playing games like Jewels, we can run characters through immersive 3D worlds.

One game has caught my attention with its high definition graphics and an interesting theme: Wind-Up Knight. Read on for the full review.
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Remember The Milk: Fully Loaded Task Management for AndroidRemember The Milk: Fully Loaded Task Management for Android

If you're anything like me, you've tried pretty much every single todo list app on the Android Market. Even the ten new ones that cropped up just last week! And yet nothing seems to work exactly the way you want, right? This was my story until very recently, when I found an answer the second time over.
For years, I scoured the web for a decent task management web app that worked the way I did, and I finally settled on Remember The Milk. As it turns out, it was the Android version that finally ended my search on the mobile.
Remember The Milk has been around for a very long time, so the funny name shouldn't really raise too many giggles. In fact, the web interface does show the app's age when it simply doesn't compare with its much younger and sexier competitors like Wunderlist and Flow. The story was similar with the mobile app until a couple weeks ago, when it went through a major overhaul.
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Snapr: a Gorgeous Photo-Sharing Platform for AndroidSnapr: a Gorgeous Photo-Sharing Platform for Android

Snapr is a cool mobile photo-sharing platform. Recently included in our recent round up of the best photo-sharing apps on the Android Market, Snapr deserves a closer look.

The app lets you take and share pictures both on the Snapr platform and via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare, so it has a really strong social element to it. It's easy to use, features a superb user interface and is completely free to download. Read on for more information about this exciting and intuitive photography app…
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Medscape: An Extensive, Professional Medical Reference in Your PocketMedscape: An Extensive, Professional Medical Reference in Your Pocket

Ever wondered what that Omega 3 medicine you're taking contains, whether your Aspirin is causing you nausea, how your colleague's arrhythmia will affect his life and productivity, or what exactly your doctor wants to do when he suggests an electrocardiogram? Sure, you could always search the internet for answers to these questions, but you will always wonder about the reliability of the information you find.

As a practicing pharmacist, owning and managing my own drug store, I know how important it is to have a great resource in the palm of my hand, and this is why I turn to Medscape, a medical reference for Android, provided by a reliable source: WebMD.
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Rock Out to Your Tunes with WinampRock Out to Your Tunes with Winamp

I remember the days back when the only MP3s I could get my hands on were clips of songs from websites promoting CD albums – I was on a 9.6 kbps connection and it'd take about an hour to download 20 seconds of audio. But that was a big deal then and I wanted to enjoy listening to the music I'd acquired from the other side of the globe as best as I could.

I started trying out all the media players available on CDs that accompanied computer magazines and that's when I first stumbled upon Winamp. The year was 1997, and thus began my love affair with the most beautiful media player for Windows. Is it any good today? Let's find out.
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Breezy Browsing with Google ChromeBreezy Browsing with Google Chrome

Most people spend the majority of their time on their computer on the internet – you're either checking your email, reading blog posts, shopping for products, watching videos, editing documents, or a million other things.

Naturally, it's quite important what web browser you're going to use – it's the window through which you can view anything on the internet. You want your web browser to be fast, simple to use, have all the features you want, and work as it's supposed to. Google's browser Chrome does all this and more.
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FreeCommander: A Better Alternative File ManagerFreeCommander: A Better Alternative File Manager

There is absolutely no dearth of Windows Explorer enhancement or replacement apps out there. You may not really think you need one until you actually use one and see the boost in productivity. To help you with that then, I'm going to take an in-depth look at some of the best apps in the space. They all have their ups and downs in addition to their unique feature sets, so you should be able to find something that fits your needs pretty easily. Besides, most of the apps I'm going to cover are either free or have a free or evaluation version, so there's no excuse not to try what you like.

Let me start with start off then, with my personal favorite and the app I've stuck with for a good part of the last couple year – FreeCommander.
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Sauerbraten: A Fast Paced First-Person ShooterSauerbraten: A Fast Paced First-Person Shooter

Today, I would like to go off the beaten path a little and share a little-known first person shooter with you that I have been enjoying for years. Sauerbraten is an arena-based first-person-shooter with many aspects that resemble the all-time classic Quake 3.

Being highly addictive and always impressive to play, Sauerbaten is an ideal combination of fun weapons and fast gameplay. Read on for my full review.
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How to Reset Your Windows Password with TrinityHow to Reset Your Windows Password with Trinity

It happens to the best of us: we forget the password to our Windows computer and end up re-installing the OS, probably losing all your installed software and its settings or even important data.

There are a couple of ways to break into a password protected Windows installation, but most of them involve a difficult, arduous process. Other solutions are paid and usually ineffective. The method I'll be mentioning here is pretty simple to pull off and uses a live [free] CD specially built for fixing computer problems and errors.
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Rip & Save Your Flicks: A Review of HandbrakeRip & Save Your Flicks: A Review of Handbrake

We all love going to the movie theater and watching the best flicks and look forward to them coming out on DVD. However once we get the DVDs, we do not know how to get them on our iPads, Zunes, Android phones, computer, and other media devices. Now with Handbrake, you can!

Handbrake is a free tool that rips and encodes your DVDs for safe keeping! So, come on and read more about Handbrake.
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Useful Things

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 05:51 PM PST

Useful things on a boat by Marko

About a week ago, ActiveDen author pezflash started a new thread on the forums called “Useful Things“. He explains:

Sometime ago i posted here a useful tool for designers. Today I've found another curious and pretty useful service, so I decided to open a thread to compile great free and useful links, all in the same place. If you think you have something useful, add it!

The list has been growing ever since. Here it is so far – I hope you find it useful.

  • wordmark – preview words in your installed fonts.
  • 10 Minute Mail – create 10 minutes-long email, to fill the forms of services you will never use again.
  • YOPmail – a similar service.
  • Grid Calculator – make Photoshop & Illustrator grids on one click.
  • Support Details – get your client computer full configuration, useful for testing possible errors while developing.
  • DropMox – create online galleries, with just drag&drop your images.
  • Puildr – create your project folder, just one click.

Do you find any of these useful? Feel free to add more in the comments, or to the forum thread.

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