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Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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Tag Tips: How to choose the best tags for your items

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 11:23 PM PST

Colorful handmade paper tags by Boby Dimotrov

Tags are instrumental in helping buyers find your file while searching the site. While the Marketplace search engine will take a look at all the title, text, attribute, and tags of a file, quality tags are the most important tool for search. However, it can be difficult to include a short list of really effective tags that will get buyers to your file. Rather than stuff a submission with unrelated tags or too few tags, check out some of our tips for effective tags to make your file easy to find.

Note: This article is taken from the Envato Marketplace Wiki: Tips for Choosing Effective Tags.

Steps to Generating Useful Tags

  1. Identify subjects or elements. – Any keyword list should start with the concrete subjects or elements in your submission. Subjects are frequently nouns or activities. E.g., flower, piano, banner, rotator, house, echo, teaching.
  2. Identify context, industry, or uses. If your item applies to a larger industry, profession, or field, make sure a key applies to it. E.g., business, chemistry, music, career.
  3. Identify functionality or features. Identify the functional elements, if any, in your file. Functionality can include a "contact form" in a theme, "tileable" in a texture, or "gallery" in a layout. Features can also include important attributes that buyers may search for.
  4. Identify Mood or Style. Choose a couple keywords that communicates the thematic mood of a file's design, or the design style. Don't forget abstract terms like seasons, emotions, or concepts. Note: Avoid using over-used tag terms like "Web 2.0″ or "sleek." These terms are popular and frequently applied incorrectly, which means poor search results for buyers.
  5. Clarify. Make sure your terms are clear and not ambiguous. For example, if you included the tag "bar" did you mean…
    - a pub where alcohol is served
    - a physical object like a crossing-bar
    - Bar, as in the verb "to stop or prevent"
    - a navigation bar for the web
    - a legal term or organization?

Add additional tags if it can clarify the elements and features of your file. Frequently, words for the context of another tag can help. "Bar" and "alcohol" might be used to search for a pub, while "Bar" and "traffic" might be used to search for a crossing bar or physical object.

  1. Check your spelling. Misspelled tags will not come up in searches for correctly spelled words. Make sure your tags are spelled correctly. You can check your spelling on on-line dictionaries like Merriam-Webster or the American English version of the Cambridge Dictionary.
  2. Submit! Submit your file, knowing buyers will be able to find it while browsing or searching based on your awesome tags.

Other Tips to Follow

Using phrases – Tags don't have to be a single word. If your file is an illustration of a brown bear, feel free to use the two word tag "brown bear."

Use lowercase – For consistency sake, please do not capitalize words in tags unless they're an acronym (e.g., NASA, RAID, etc).

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