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Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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The WPCandy Quarterly: WordPress in print. Have you subscribed yet?

Posted: 19 Dec 2011 02:18 PM PST

With all the talk going on about ebook readers and emagazines etc, one could be forgiven for thinking that the catch cry “Print is dead” was slowly coming true. In the web community at least though, there seems to be a bit of a resurgence going on. Magazines are still alive, it seems they just serve different niches. The success of Elliot Jay Stocks’ print magazine ‘8 Faces‘ mainly targetted at typophiles, for example.

So why not a print magazine for WordPress fans? I’m very excited about The WPCandy Quarterly Magazine that Ryan Imel has in the works. The magazine has been accepting pre-orders for a while now, so I was quick to subscribe. The first issue is due to start arriving in letterboxes next month, and it will feature articles from some of our very own marketplace authors!

The magazine will be covering a range of topics for anyone interested in WordPress. There will be articles about theme and plugin development, about the business side of WordPress, and about selling WordPress as a solution.

Our marketplace author Mike McAllister has an article on ‘The Anatomy of a WordPress Theme’, and Pippin Williamson‘s article is on ‘The WordPress features we love (past and future)’.

Some of WPCandy’s readers are skeptical that a printed publication has a place these days, especially when it’s about a web-based product. I for one am really looking forward to holding an issue in my hand and sitting down with a cup of coffee to devour the contents.

Once I have my first copy, you can be sure I’ll let you know if I still feel as excited waiting for the second issue to arrive in April.

3DOcean Author Featured in 3DArtist Magazine

Posted: 19 Dec 2011 08:05 AM PST

3alisha featured in 3DArtist magazine

Congratulations to Ali Hammoud, otherwise known as 3alisha on 3DOcean, whose work was featured in the latest issue of 3DArtist magazine! Six of Ali’s 3DOcean files were given away on the cover disc of the latest 3DArtist magazine, issue 36, which is available in stores now. file giveaway in 3DArtist magazine

If you’re a 3DOcean customer or a fan of 3alisha’s work, there’s over $100 of Ali’s file’s available which is an awesome bargain too good to miss out on! Here are a couple of screenshots from the magazine:

Be sure to give a virtual “high five” to Ali for this fantastic achievement, well done, Ali!

How Did You Discover Envato?

Posted: 19 Dec 2011 12:23 AM PST

Night Sky in CTIO by Guille Damke

How did you discover Envato? Personally, I was introduced by my son. A recent thread on the forums by GraphicRiver author graphicmind has everyone sharing their own stories:

How did you come to know about Envato’s sites or Envato?

It’s an interesting thread – if you want to hear everyone’s story, give it a read – and add your own story. In the meantime, here are some interesting ways some people discovered Envato.

I noticed a web banner for AudioJungle. (ToivoMedia)

My story begins in a dark and misty time, now known as January 2010.

I was looking for somewhere to sell music which I made mostly just for fun. I searched around for a while and couldn't find an audio library site which seemed right for me.

Then I just happened to see a banner for Audio Jungle on my friends website (he sadly hadn't thought of telling me about it). I clicked it and knew pretty quickly that I had found the right place for my music. It just seemed a cool site, and different to any other stock sites.

I got hooked on FreelanceSwitch. (pau1winslow)

Just like KingDog I found FreelanceSwitch when I was setting up as a freelancer, and ended up clicking through to the marketplaces. Changed my life very quickly.

I just stumbled onto it. (MarkBrodhuber)

It was the first day of me trying StumbleUpon, which was brand new at the time. It brought me to FlashDen about 4 times before I stopped to actually check it out. Haven't left since.

I was attracted by a fox tail. (VF)

I found FlashDen 4 years back as a buyer while searching for 3D galleries for my clients.

Didn't landed here due to one time visit but so many times whenever I search for 3D galleries. Those times I thought only 3D files are available here, especially due to RimV's thumbnails and I thought his portfolio is the whole site and not even navigated into categories and other author files :P

I found the fox tail on logo so attractive and whenever I land here, I used to look at it for a while! :D

I quit my job, and there it was. (mideld)

I quit my full time job and I was searching something specific to work online, then I found a forum thread posted by (d3luxxxe) about selling items at After few days of research I met another VideoHive author (dorde) and after short conversation I decide to join :) Envato marketplaces.

I was escaping from some freelance clients who were torturing me… (EFEKT_Studio)

I was frustrated with freelance work and clients torturing me :D, and I searched some website where I could in some way sell video projects, although I thought something like that definitely doesn't exist. But in a search I found a site which listed popular sites for selling video projects. Then I found VideoHive. :)

I was badgered into it by an evil twin. (mordauk)

My twin brother (carter2424 on 3DOceon) knew about it and he kept telling me how cool this company called Envato was. It took me about five months of listening to him badgering me to finally sign up. :D

A Google search for “dribbble invitation”?!?!? (weirdeetz)

I searched for "dribbble invitation" on Google and end up here. Then I signed up just for giving a comment to the thread. That's why I've been member from February 2011 but my sales is only 87… I've submitted my very first item at the end of November this year. :p Silly. ^^

Some guy on Twitter kept tweeting his items. (teb)

I came to know about Envato through Twitter one year ago. Some guy started following me and twitting recent items from VideoHive. (Now I know he was trying to get referrals. :P ) Then I registered, but it wasn't until now that I decided to take VideoHive more seriously. =)

I clicked a link in DeviantArt. (cooledition)

I dont remember what I was searching for, but one year ago I found EAMejia’s profile in DeviantArt, and he had links to all of Envato's marketplaces. What made me trust in this site was EAMejia’s nationality and the many sales he had.

He is from Honduras and I'm from Costa Rica. In some way I thought, "Hey, he is from Honduras. That’s near Costa Rica, and check out all those sales. OMG, this must be truth." xD

So, how did you discover Envato?

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