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Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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Freebie Friday: Free Marketplace Files for January

Posted: 05 Jan 2012 10:00 PM PST

Have you checked out the marketplaces' free files for January? Download them while you can!

ThemeForest: Your No1 Online Resume (Bonus: iPhone & Pdf Theme)

Your #1 Online CV, Iphone theme included & PDF Layout

VideoHive: Cubes Logo Reveal

Dark transformation logo opener made with 3d renders and After effects.

GraphicRiver: Precious Photoshop Styles

.ASL and .PSD included. Works great with shapes and with small and big text. 100% scalable, fully editable, easy to use.

3DOcean: Red Blood Cells

A set of accurately made red blood cells. Materials and polygon count optimized for best visual results and best performance in animations and broadcasts.

CodeCanyon: TextFX – A jQuery Text Animation Tool

TextFX is a jQuery text animation tool for animating a single line of text. It is built for easy usage, but also lends itself nicely to more advanced coders with it's flexible script.

Tutorials: Build your Own JavaScript Library

Over the course of the past few years, the JavaScript community has exploded exponentially. While technologies like Ajax certainly had something to do with the popularity of JavaScript, it it's safe to say that libraries are the primary reason we've seen such astonishing growth in the community. No longer is the browser the playground of those who venture into JavaScript development and brave the disparate APIs supported by multiple browsers. Thanks to libraries, the differences between the popular browsers are minimized, making cross-browser development much easier than it used to be.

PhotoDune: Dark Ominous Clouds of Glory

Dark Ominous Clouds of Glory. The same image I use on my Profile Page, just not as customized.

ActiveDen: YouTube Music Player

This file can be used to play YouTube music videos on your site. It is fully customizeable through XML and has several position options.

AudioJungle: Positive Spirit

Bright and beautiful musical composition – in a genre light rock. The song consists of four parts: the beginning, development, deviation and the culmination. Musical instruments used in a song: a heavy guitar reef, a bass, violins, hand bells and atmosphere. The song has positive mood, dynamics and motivates activity.

On FreelanceSwitch: How to Use Great Testimonials, Once You Get Them

Posted: 05 Jan 2012 05:33 PM PST

If you do any sort of freelancing work, testimonials are a powerful way of marketing your business. Are you making the most of the testimonials you’ve collected?

Thursday Bram recently posted about this on FreelanceSwitch in a post called How to Use Great Testimonials, Once You Get Them. She says:

There are some people who believe that testimonials should be plastered over everything, from business cards on. But there are a few uses for great testimonials that are particularly effective.

To discover those effective uses, you’ll have to read the article on FreelanceSwitch. But to whet your appetite, here’s a quick summary.

Thursday points out that the placement of testimonials on your website is important:

  • Put some near the list of services you offer.
  • Put some where people who visit your site will be looking – like near navigational elements.
  • Even if you have a dedicated page for testimonials, sprinkle them around the rest of your site so people will see them.

She also encourages you not to use “general” testimonials, even if they sound brilliant. Testimonials should speak directly to the specific services or packages you are offering, or they will have little effect. People don’t care how good you are in general. They want to know how good you’ll do the job they want to hire you for.

Finally, Thursday warns about using the same testimonial in multiple places. Potential clients might start wondering if that’s the only good one you have! A variety of testimonials is crucial when showing people how amazing you are.

We’ve just started 2012. You might be thinking of redesigning your site this year. Don’t forget to plan how to incorporate testimonials into its design. Check out Thursday’s post today.

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by herreid.

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