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Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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This Week’s Featured Authors

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 04:01 PM PST

Congratulations to this week’s featured marketplace authors.

KurtBilisimFeatured ActiveDen Author: KurtBilisim

This week’s featured author is KurtBilisim, who has 9 items, including the newest from the Holiday & e-Cards category.
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BaramaBeatFeatured AudioJungle Author: BaramaBeat

This week’s featured author is BaramaBeat, who has 58 items, including the newest from the Folk, Acoustic category.
View BaramaBeat’s Portfolio

edcousinsFeatured ThemeForest Author: edcousins

This week’s featured author is edcousins, who has 4 items, including the newest from the Portfolio category.
View edcousins’ Portfolio

YarcheFeatured VideoHive Author: Yarche

This week’s featured author is Yarche, who has 15 items, including the newest from the Space category.
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anderworksFeatured GraphicRiver Author: anderworks

This week’s featured author is anderworks, who has 90 items, including the newest from the Brochures category.
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mattolpinskiFeatured 3DOcean Author: mattolpinski

This week’s featured author is mattolpinski, who has 18 items, including the newest from the Jewelry category.
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kreaturaFeatured CodeCanyon Author: kreatura

This week’s featured author is kreatura, who has 5 items, including the newest from the Sliders category.
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smashingmagazineFeatured Tutorials Author: smashingmagazine

This week’s featured author is smashingmagazine, who has 17 items, including the newest from the Design category.
View smashingmagazine’s Portfolio

jsnoverFeatured PhotoDune Author: jsnover

This week’s featured author is jsnover, who has 1559 items.
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Author Interview: Stefusilviu

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 02:48 AM PST

A focus on quality, working on the slowest computer in the world, giving surprise gifts to clients, and all his spare time belongs to his wife. Today we meet Silviu Ștefu (stefusilviu) from GraphicRiver.

If you're an Envato marketplace author and would like to be interviewed for the blog, head over to this form. We'd love to hear from you.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do for a living?

I am a 25 year old artist from Romania and I live in Pitești, a nice town near to the capital (Bucharest). I’ve had different jobs so far, from construction worker to web designer. Until now I was a freelancer in graphic and web design, but now I have a full time job.

Which marketplaces do you belong to? What types of files do you sell?

Until now I’ve uploaded files only to GraphicRiver. I try to upload only high quality files and my favorite categories are Web Elements and Add-ons. Lately I tried my skills with the Logo category and uploaded a few logos. In the future I’ll try to extend my attention to more marketplaces, like ThemeForest and CodeCanyon.

How did you get started? Have you had any formal training?

It’s funny, because I started my career in design when I met my girlfriend (now my wife), and I wanted to impress her with some modified pictures of us. I don’t have any formal training and all I know is learned from my personal research or websites like Tuts+. So I’m very grateful to Psdtuts+, Vectortuts+ and Webdesigntuts+ where I learned a lot about design and coding.

Describe your home workspace.

My workspace from home is a simple non-Apple (but I wish I had one) space with a simple desk and a very comfortable blue chair. My computer is the slowest computer in the world, but it does its job faithfully. I like to work on it with a good coffee in front.

Describe your creative process. What steps do you normally follow to create your files?

I’m inspired by anything from nature to simple objects from my desk. I’m inspired even by the someone’s little avatars on the Envato forums. It’s not a rule for me to follow some steps or stages. I just create files and I like that.

What is your advice to other authors regarding how to create a successful portfolio?

Be honest with the clients and try to insert in your item a little gift for those who buy your work. Also, update frequently your items and be an active member of the website where your items are sold.

What do you do to market your files?

I upload some preview images to Dribbble, Forst or DeviantART. But to keep my clients happy and satisfied, I include some bonuses in my items, like little coded versions of my web elements designs or other useful elements.

What are your three favorite files, and why do you like them?

I like very much my last price table because it has so many details, shadows and lights.

After that, I like this collection of text styles, and I have no reason why I like them. I just do.

And the third special file is this one . I worked very hard on it.

Apart from yourself, who is your favorite marketplace author, and why do you like them?

I like Artorius for his awesome fire styles and Artbees for creativity. I learned a lot from these guys.

What do you do in your spare time?

I don’t have much time for doing other activities. I work eight hours at my day job and after that I design for GraphicRiver. The rest of my time belongs to my wife. :)

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