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Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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Your Say: How tidy is your desk?

Posted: 01 Feb 2012 04:00 PM PST

A Messy Desk by EU Social

We want to hear from you. Each week we give you a chance to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Have your say!

How tidy is your desk? Does it stay that way? Are you more productive when it’s clean or messy?

GraphicRiver Textures Featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Posted: 01 Feb 2012 08:20 AM PST

GraphicRiver File Featured in Advanced PhotoshopGraphicRiver File Featured in Advanced Photoshop

Congratulations to GraphicRiver author retinalsin (real name Serhat Özalp) whose work has been featured in the latest issue of Advanced Photoshop magazine! Serhat’s file 18 Paint Textures is being given away on the cover CD of issue 92 of the popular Photoshop magazine. Well done, Serhat!

18 Paint Textures by  retinalsin, $4 (or FREE in Issue 92 of Advanced Photoshop)

18 Paint Textures by retinalsin

Well done, Serhat, always exciting to see/hear GraphicRiver being mentioned in print! :)

What Does it Take to Start a Design Business

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 11:34 PM PST

Many of us dream of working full time on our own design business, either as freelancers or marketplace authors or a combination of both. Success stories like Kriesi selling a million dollars worth or Peerapong earning almost $50K in a month pour fuel on the flames of that dream. But what does it actually take to start your own design business?

David Horn recently answered that question on FreelanceSwitch with a helpful article called 9 Steps to Starting Your Freelance Web Design Business. He takes the mystery – and glamor – out of the process with nine practical and essential things you have to get done in order to succeed. So instead of just spending your lunchtimes at your day job dreaming of having your own business, now you can get started doing tangible things that will actually help you realize your goal.

I don’t want to steal David’s thunder – you really should head over to FreelanceSwitch and read the whole article, which includes valuable lists of resources. But I do want to whet your appetite so you’ll consider making the trip. So here’s a quick summary of the nine things you need to do to get started:

  1. Calculate start up costs. David has a practical list of costs to consider, including software and equipment.
  2. Establish your brand. It’s better to carefully consider what you’re going to call your business and how you’re going to present it to the world before you get started. Changing down the track can be difficult.
  3. Create your own portfolio website. If you have your own business, marketing is a big part of your job. You need to show off what you can do before clients will offer you work.
  4. Figure out how much to charge. This can be difficult, so the resources David lists are invaluable.
  5. Develop a sales cycle. This starts with finding good prospects. Your business isn’t just about creating designs – it’s about selling them.
  6. Organize a routine. Working from home doesn’t have the same structure and dynamics of an office job – it all depends on you. Discovering the optimal routine for each day is helpful.
  7. Find your community and work it. Social networks are a great way to find support as well as potential clients. Make the most of them.
  8. Sign up and use learning sites. Stay up to date to remain competitive.
  9. Get set up with the tools you’ll need. And to help, David lists a bunch of tools you probably don’t realize you’ll need.

Is your dream to work for yourself? As an author or freelancer or both? Which steps of David’s article did you find most helpful? Let us know in the comments.

Unofficial GraphicRiver Contest: Win Awesome Prizes!

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 07:01 PM PST

Originally posted on GraphicRiver Forums by quickandeasy

Important Note: This is an unofficial contest and is not run by Envato.

Your super awesome Graphicriver Community Mods & Friends have decided to throw a little competition! This is an Unofficial competition that is not being run by Envato – it’s being run by the Mods: quickandeasy, Dzinc, PatrikL, HarveyDesign, silenceplease.

What’s up for grabs?

  • $150 (from Graphicriver Mods & Friends via Paypal)
  • $50 Marketplace Credit (from Envato)
  • 12 month NEW Tuts+ Premium subscription (as you probably know, Tuts+ Premium is way more awesome now)
  • 1 Month free advertising for your winning item on
  • Competition badge

So, the brief:

Magazine Ad Templates are selling really well, so to spur on the growth of this item type, we want you to design and upload as many Magazine Ad Templates Items as you can.

Obviously your item should meet the Print Template Upload Requirements.

You item should be submitted to the Magazine Category.

Only one item will be eligible to win.

What will items be judged on?

We, the GraphicRiver Mods, will judge the items on their usability, flexibility, preview presentation and general design quality.

The more usable and practical your item is, the more people can use it and therefore the more usable & flexible your item is.

Preview presentation is essential for salability. The better your item is mocked up and presented to reflect it’s quality, the higher the chance of purchase.

When/How can I submit? When’s the deadline?

Submissions start February 7th and the deadline for entry is February 24th. Your item MUST be uploaded, reviewed and on sale in your portfolio by the deadline date to be eligible for entry.

To submit your entry, simply post your preview image in this thread after it is accepted. Eligible submissions can only be accepted after February 7th.

The Winner will be announced on the Forums March 7th and then published on Envato Notes.

Good luck!!!

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