Monday, February 13, 2012

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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Try Something New for 30 Days!

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 04:19 PM PST

Do you wish you had enough time to write a novel, learn a new skill or get fit? The hard part is finding time to get started and then you’ve got to stay motivated! If you have a some goals you’d like to achieve this year but haven’t had the time to start, this might help!

Just this morning I was talking to Tuts+ Manager Skellie about starting the 30 Days to learn HTML and CSS course. I’ve been wanting to start for a while now, but I just never seem to have the time. This is when I stumbled across Matt Cutts’TED talk. Matt Cutts is an engineer at Google who believes that smaller goals are more achievable and suggests that we try our goal for 30 days. He says 30 days is just long enough to make a good habit and doesn’t feel overwhelming or unrealistic. In his short, lighthearted talk, Matt offers an easy way to think about setting and achieving goals and his suggestion inspired me.

'Learning' by Pressmaster

Luckily the Learn HMTL and CSS course goes for exactly 30 Days and because I’ve got Skellie on my back it will be easy to stick to. :)

If you’ve been thinking about learning a new skill, getting fit or taking one of our free 30 Day courses like Learn HTML and CSS and Learn JQuery, give it a go. To quote Matt “Those 30 days are going to pass whether you want them to or not,” so you may as well take the chance and do something different!

What new goal will you take on in the next 30 days?


Do You Need to Brush Up on Number Systems?

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 12:48 PM PST

Geek T-Shirt by Corsin Camichel

I’ve always enjoyed the joke in the photo. If you enjoy it too – and even more if you don’t – you should check out Jason Killian’s latest post on Activetuts+: Number Systems: An Introduction to Binary, Hexadecimal, and More.

Mathematics creeps into almost all creative activities – especially if you’re a coder. So brushing up on it will only make you more productive.

Ever see crazy binary numbers and wonder what they meant? Ever see numbers with letters mixed in and wonder what is going on? You'll find out all of this and more in this article. Hexadecimal doesn't have to be scary.

The tutorial will take about 45 minutes to complete. It includes some great tips, helpful visualizations, and some interactive challenges. It covers how computers store colors as numbers, understand base 10 numbers and converting to other bases, and tips and tricks. Even the source code for the Flash exercises is available!

So head over to Activetuts+ and tune up your brain today!

Welcome Curt Ziegler to the Envato Team!

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 01:37 AM PST

Starting this week, Curt Ziegler (aka Cudazi) has joined the Envato Support Team! Elite Author, WebDesign Tuts writer, aspiring pilot, and plutonium paw bearer, Curt can do just about anything as well as becoming a valuable part of the Envato staff.

Hailing from the grand state of Minnesota, Curt is sure bring a touch of Midwestern charm into his support duties. With over 10 years of experience in website development and a member of the Envato community since 2008, we know that he'll be an extremely valuable asset and member of the team.

Let's all give him a warm welcome!

Find Curt here:

Where in the World Is the Envato Logo? On an Ibrahim in Barcelona.

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 10:11 PM PST

Last year Travis "KingDog" King ran an interesting competition. He'd send Envato logo stickers to anyone interested, and they would take photos of the sticker in interesting places from around the world. Over the next weeks we'll bring you some of the best.

So, where in the world is the Envato logo? On an Ibrahim in Barcelona. Click the photo for a larger version on Flickr.

The Flickr description fills us in on some details:

Our Support and Copyright ninja Ibrahim holds up the Envato logo while Jarel snaps a picture in Barcelona.

Great photo, Jarel. You live in a beautiful city, Ibby. Thanks for giving Barcelona a taste of Envato.

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