Saturday, March 10, 2012

Latest from: CleanTechnica

Latest from: CleanTechnica

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Ecofys Bets on a Wind Power and Seaweed Biofuel Mashup

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 04:37 AM PST

The Dutch company Ecofys has just launched a new offshore wind farm and seaweed cultivation pilot project in a renewable energy twofer that could yield a big boost for biofuel production while harvesting wind power, too. Ecofys is betting that areas reserved for offshore wind production will provide seaweed with a nursery where it can [...] Related posts:
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  2. Red Seaweed Could Be the Next Biofuel Super-Crop
  3. Researcher Recruits Seaweed to Clean Polluted Waters

RGGI Cap & Trade Program in U.S. to Tighten Caps

Posted: 09 Mar 2012 07:20 PM PST

Success in lowering emissions in the RGGI states has resulted in talk of tightening the pollution limits to further reduce greenhouse gases. In January, six of the nine participating states – Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New York, Delaware and Rhode Island – announced they will permanently eliminate 72 percent of the unsold carbon allowances. Originally, ten [...] Related posts:
  1. 3 States Stay in Northeast Cap & Trade Program (for Obvious Reasons) Despite Huge Republican/Tea Party Attack
  2. Another Big Win for Koch Tea Party Funding – New Hampshire Abandons its RGGI Polluter Controls
  3. Report: Power Plant Emissions in RGGI Region Fall to Lowest Level Yet

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