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Latest from: CleanTechnica

Latest from: CleanTechnica

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Grid Operator’s Report Details Energy Market Shift to Clean Energy

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 08:33 AM PDT

Energy market forces are retiring coal plants, encouraging renewable energy generation, and stimulating energy management --- all while reducing electricity costs for consumers. [...] Related posts:
  1. DOE Report Shows Shift to Energy-Efficient Lighting
  2. No Risk From EPA Coal Plant Shutdowns Grid Operator Says
  3. Report: Global Biofuels Market Could Double To $185.3 Billion By 2021

Personal EV Charging Stations for Rent, Only in Austria

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 08:23 AM PDT

  The first Austrian electric vehicle charging points with accounting systems in a residential community hit the market late last week. To make them work, the non-profit Family Construction and Housing Association (FCHA) and Wien Energie entered into an agreement that basically boils down to offering personal EV charging stations for rent. Five standard ports [...] Related posts:
  1. Spain Gets 100 New EV Charging Stations
  2. Twice As Many Charging Stations in U.S. as Flex Fuel Stations, Study Finds
  3. EV Home Charging Stations – Now Easier to Install

Small-Town Solar Revolution Has Created Jobs Galore & Driven Down Price of Power in Germany

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 08:10 AM PDT

  Solar energy policies in Germany have resulted in a jobs boom and have driven down the price of power on the EPEX Power Exchange. More people work in Germany’s solar energy sector than in its coal and nuclear sectors combined. (Don’t tell this year’s GOP candidates — they somehow think clean energy and green [...] Related posts:
  1. Solar PV Reducing Price of Electricity in Germany
  2. Germany: Talk of the Cleantech Town this Week
  3. Germany Installed a Record 7.5 GW of Solar Power in 2011

World Solar PV Market Grew Considerably in 2011

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 06:23 AM PDT

  Worldwide solar photovoltaic (PV) market installations reached a record high in 2011 — 27.4 gigawatts (GW), an increase of 40% year over year — according to the 2012 Marketbuzz report released Monday by NPD Solarbuzz. This is a report filled with numbers, as this article will also be. So, if you just want the [...] Related posts:
  1. US to Become World Leader in Solar PV Market?
  2. 2011 U.S. Solar Market Report — Top 7 Findings & Charts
  3. North American Solar Photovoltaic Market to Double in Q4 2011

US Military and a Critical Energy Alternative

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 06:21 AM PDT

The US military is a consumer with different priorities. They make their own assessments and have determined as far back as 2010 that there is likely to be shortages of fuel by 2015. If by one war or embargo or a well placed weather event, supplies of oil are interrupted their tanks, ships, aircraft and supplies will have limited mobility. Related posts:
  1. Water Shortage, Critical for Non-Wind Power
  2. Empower Women & Tax Currency Transactions to Create More Renewable Energy, UN Says
  3. Why Electric Cars Are Awesome

US Solar in 2011 in One Infographic

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 06:17 AM PDT

  Last week GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association released their report entitled U.S. Solar Market Insight: 2011 Year-in-Review. Zach already covered most of the findings in more depth (see the link above), but here is an interesting graphic he left out of that piece and we thought we’d come back to, the [...] Related posts:
  1. Does Solar Really Work in My State? (Infographic)
  2. Infographic: Power the Economy and Grid with Local Solar Power
  3. Germany Installed a Record 7.5 GW of Solar Power in 2011

New Solar Cell Company Promises Solar Power for $0.50/Watt (Not Twin Creeks)

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 05:32 AM PDT

  Last week you might've read about Twin Creeks Technologies and its super-thin solar cells. This company aims to cut the cost of solar cells in half. Ampulse Corporation, another upcoming company in the solar industry, has taken a similar (but still a bit different) approach. By making radical changes to the production process of solar [...] Related posts:
  1. Startup Invents Peel-Off Solar Cell
  2. Ultra-Thin-Solar-Cell Company Unstealths, Aims to Cut Cost of Solar Cells in Half! (Images)
  3. Silicon Solar Thin Film Manufactured for Under $0.70 Cents a Watt by Swiss Company Oerlikon

“Hydrogen Whisperers” Tame a Wild Alternative Fuel

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 04:42 AM PDT

Hydrogen has yet to live up to its full promise as an emission free way to power cars and other vehicles, partly because it is extremely temperamental in terms of handling. Now scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory have found a way to make the cantankerous beast behave like ordinary gasoline or other liquid petroleum-based fuels, [...] Related posts:
  1. Little White Powder Gives a Big Lift to Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  2. Discovery of Cheap Catalyst Advances Case for Hydrogen Fuel
  3. Hydrogen for 200 Million Vehicles: Air Products/Orange County Open Wastewater-Hydrogen Fuel Plant

West Coast Electric Highway Well Under Way

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 04:34 AM PDT

Interstate 5 on the American west coast just became part of electric vehicle history --- a 160-mile stretch has just gotten 8 new fast-charging stations as part of the new [...] Related posts:
  1. How Consumers and Federal Stimulus Might Revitalize the Electric Car
  2. Smith Electric Vehicles Delivers New Electric Truck to FedEx
  3. EV Home Charging Stations – Now Easier to Install

Boeing Installs Couloumb Technologies’ ChargePoint Stations on Four Campuses

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 04:24 AM PDT

  Electric vehicles (EVs) require a proven, streamlined EV charging network to be considered a viable transportation option. Couloumb Technologies, a leading independent EV charging network company, has been doing its part to grow a practical charging infrastructure throughout the United States and around the world. It recently added The Boeing Company to its roster [...] Related posts:
  1. iPhone & iPod Touch App Crowdsources Locations of EV Charging Stations
  2. Twice As Many Charging Stations in U.S. as Flex Fuel Stations, Study Finds
  3. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Coming to a City Near You?

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