Sunday, April 1, 2012

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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Show Your Appreciation: PhotoDune

Posted: 01 Apr 2012 05:16 PM PDT

PhotoDune is Envato's newest marketplace – a royalty-free stock photography site. If it's your favorite Envato site, give it a shout out in the comments!

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Site Summary

PhotoDune recently passed the one million photo milestone. Just seven months after coming out of private beta, CEO Collis Ta’eed commented, “When we set out to create PhotoDune, our intention was always to build a viable option for purchasing photos for our existing buying community. A big part of that goal is having enough depth for buyers to find what they need. While there's nothing specifically magic about a million photos, it feels like a solid indicator that our library is getting to a good size.”

The site continues to grow. Today (about a month later), PhotoDune is already 16% larger, with 1,158,173 files.

PhotoDune is an Envato Marketplace. At PhotoDune you can buy and sell royalty-free photographs and images starting at just $1. Items are priced on the size/megapixels of each file. The site is home to a bustling community of photographers and digital imaging experts.

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Policy Update: User Avatars on Marketplaces

Posted: 01 Apr 2012 04:33 PM PDT

Copyright Sign Made of Jigsaw Pieces from Flickr

As all Envato Marketplaces authors are no-doubt aware, Envato has been educating users over the past couple of months on how best to avoid potential issues to do with copyright and intellectual property with their Marketplace items. Today I’m here to announce another update to our policy where users must update their Marketplace avatar to an image which lowers their risk of infringing on another’s copyright or intelectual property.

As of April 1, 2012 all Marketplace users must update their public avatar on the site to one of the following:

1) A picture of yourself
2) A picture of a pet or animal owned by you
3) A solid color or shade

Failure to comply with this may result in requests for proof of creative ownership over items in your avatar and or a model release, in the worst case scenario we may warn or remove users who do not comply with our requests.

Oh yeah, one last thing…. Happy April Fools! :D

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