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Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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Envato’s Most Wanted – $10,000 Reward for the First 50 Joomla Templates & Plugins

Posted: 01 May 2012 12:19 PM PDT

Envato's Most Wanted

We’re putting a $10,000 bounty on the heads of Envato’s most wanted file type – Joomla Templates on ThemeForest and Joomla Plugins on CodeCanyon.

  • The first 30 files uploaded (and subsequently approved) to ThemeForest each get $250 (with a maximum of 4 files or $1,000 per author).
  • The first 20 files uploaded (and subsequently approved) to CodeCanyon each get $100 (with a maximum of 3 files or $300 per author).


We are also awarding 2 extra prizes:

  • $250 EXTRA for the best template submitted to this specific event.
  • $250 EXTRA for the best plugin submitted to to this specific event.
  • The Envato marketplace community will be invited to vote to decide on the best template and best plugin. This will be via a separate announcement following the conclusion of this Most Wanted event.

Examples of What We’re Looking For


In short, it’s a race to see who can quickly submit quality content based on the following criteria:

  • Date Posted: May 1, 2012
  • Prizes: 50 winning files will get a share of $10,000 of prizes! “Cash” prizes are payable ONLY via either PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill). Not only that, all winners will receive the much-desired Most Wanted Bounty Winner Badge
  • Maximum Prizes per ThemeForest Author: 4
  • Maximum Prizes per CodeCanyon Author: 3
  • Authors can potentially win a maximum combined total of 7 prizes ($1,300) if submitting to both marketplaces.
  • Closing Date: June 29, 2012 (12 p.m. Central US Time)
  • Files We’re Looking For: Joomla Templates and Joomla Plugins/Extensions/Modules.

File/Contest Requirements:

  • Multiple submissions from the same author must all be different to one another.
  • Each author can win a MAXIMUM of 4 prizes for ThemeForest and 3 prizes for CodeCanyon ($1,300).
  • Normal ThemeForest & CodeCanyon upload instructions apply
  • By entering this contest, you MUST sign and agree to keep any WINNING entries online for a minimum of 2 years: http://www.formstack.com/forms/envato-envatos_most_wanted_entry_agreement See form for full details. This form MUST be completed once your item has been APPROVED on ThemeForest and/or CodeCanyon if you wish your item(s) to be eligible for Envato’s Most Wanted
  • DO NOT post submissions to this thread. We will be keeping an eye on the category instead to see submissions.

Where Files Should be Submitted:

It's as simple as that! The first 50 files to be uploaded (and subsequently approved) based on the above requirements win! Please note that we have some more specific rules to outline and clarify:


Good luck! :)

Author Interview: NechitaPaulFlavius

Posted: 01 May 2012 09:00 AM PDT

Living in Romania, defending the world from viruses, mocking up computer tablets, and combining intelligence with creativity and thousands of pixel bending hours. This week we meet Paul Flavius Nechita (NechitaPaulFlavius) from GraphicRiver.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do for a living?

Hello. I am from a small city in Romania called Piatra Neamt. I’ve recently moved to our lovely capital Bucharest (best decision ever).

I work as a UX Designer for Bitdefender, a Romanian company that develops an antivirus solution at a very high level.

Which marketplaces do you belong to? What types of files do you sell?

GraphicRiver is the place for me. I started selling icons, business cards, some UI packs, but my pride and joy are my latest submission, graphic and computer tablet mock-ups. It was really fun working on them.

How did you get started? Have you had any formal training?

I first opened Photoshop a few years back. I played a little with the tools, moved some layers, applied some effects and I was king of the castle. The downside was that that was only in my mind. In time, with practice and dedication I learned that there is more then meets the eye. Combining intelligence with creativity and thousands of pixel bending hours, the results that you can get are amazing.

I graduated from an art high school in my home town, then I moved to another to get my BA in Graphics. Now I am just a few steps closer to getting my MA also in Graphics.

Describe your home workspace.

My workspace is rather simple, but perfect for what I need. Two 24″ Dell, ISP’s that are just amazing, and a powerful PC behind them to get things done.

Describe your creative process. What steps do you normally follow to create your files?

This process is a little weird. I don’t write anything down (not a great thing to do I know) which isn’t a great way to do things, but I’m lucky because most of the time I don’t forget them.

Everything begins with some research hours, inspiration, anything to get the things moving. After I get my Zen together I create a new canvas, start putting some basic shapes in there, erase everything, redo the whole process, add details, stop working for a day because I want to make sure that I will like the design that I’ve done even after a day or two when I’m not “Design-high”. If everything turns out OK, I continue working on it until I am happy with the final result.

What is your advice to other authors regarding how to create a successful portfolio?

Concentrate on being special. Concentrate on doing what you love in a productive way. And most important, stop thinking about the money, be yourself and design things that others haven’t.

What do you do to market your files?

I try to be as much as possible active on any social media sites, and expose my work.

What are your three favorite files, and why do you like them?

I love my mock-ups. I love them because I know how much work it is to create a pack, and how much time it takes.

So, my number 1 file is :

Fab Pad – 19 Digital Tablet Computers Mock-Ups

I like this the most because it is an unique pack in every way. Although it contains the most popular computer tablet on the market, what makes my pack special and different from all the others are the angles, and the Smart Cover concept designed to help when you want to show only a sneak peak of your work.

Number two is:

Fab Pad #2 – Digital Tablet Computers Mock-ups

Number three is:

Fab Pad – Digital Graphic Tablets Mock-ups

This pack is something that I am pretty sure comes in handy to most digital artist. Having a sleek graphic tablet to use with your digital concept will offer a plus.

Apart from yourself, who is your favorite marketplace author, and why do you like them?

I love all the designers that form this great community. I don’t have a favorite designer.

What do you do in your spare time?

I travel, play games, watch movies and from time to time just relax. Unfortunately I don’t have as much spare time as I would like but I am pretty sure I’ll get there soon.

Spoids for Xbox Competition: Winners Announced

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 11:30 PM PDT

Spoids is an awesome planet defense game for Xbox that uses AudioJungle items for its background music and sound effects. We’re giving away three copies for free. The competition is over, and we’re ready to announce the winners!

Our winners all left witty, entertaining comments to win their prize. But they weren’t chosen on the basis of their wit – that was done entirely at random!

Here they are:

  1. Peter Sawyer, who left the comment:

    Looks like a blast……

  2. Joshua Maddox, who left the comment:

    I think I should get this game as I don't think there is anyone better for the job of saving planets than myself. Why? Because I am a seasoned professional at defending places from the likes of an alien menace, mutated creatures and zombie uprisings.

    Give this game to me and trust me I'll keep the world safe!

  3. And Eric, who left the comment:

    why? well, my wife will shoot me if i buy another game anytime soon. but she can't argue with free!

Congratulations, guys. Enjoy! I’m glad the game is in good hands.

Welcome Bryan to the Support Team

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 10:34 PM PDT

We're very proud to announce the addition of Bryan Fodness to the Envato Support Team! Joining us from the desert oasis that is Las Vegas, Bryan has extraordinary customer service experience that's sure to be a jackpot for the team. (Be prepared for plenty of Vegas puns, Bryan.)

He's been gracious enough to answer a few questions and we hope you're just as excited to welcome him to the Envato Community as we are!

Thanks for taking some time to answer these questions, Bryan. Please tell us a little about yourself.

My journey to Envato started when I met my good friend Jarel Remick for the first time. Over the last few years as I learned more about the opportunities and culture at Envato, it quickly became clear that Envato was where I belonged. I most recently worked for Zappos.com which is well known worldwide for their outstanding customer service and I’m really excited to bring my knowledge and fresh ideas to the support team. Besides customer service I have also worked with people who have special needs as an in home care provider.

Ohh and I also have a cat named Max that is a black belt in Karate.

Where are you from and what’s your favorite thing about your city?

I’m originally from the South Dakota / Iowa area, but have been in Las Vegas for nearly three years. I love the endless sunshine, the 24 hour culture, and the proximity to so many great cities. I do sometimes miss the overly friendly, close-knit, culture you find in the Midwest, so I’m excited to have a position that will allow me to visit as I please.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  Do you have any hobbies?

I love watching and playing nearly every sport possible. I also really enjoy traveling.  This summer alone I will be making my second trip to Australia and numerous European countries.  I’m continuously trying to learn new things, and always seeking new adventures.

Tell us about your home workspace.

Right now I have a small desk in the corner of my living room that I work from, but with my roommate moving out and recently starting my journey at Envato, I will definitely be turning that room into an enjoyable work space. I can see a U-Haul and an Ikea store in my near future!

If you could be a superhero, what would your superpower be and why?

Why are you doing this to me? This may be the single hardest question to answer on the face of this earth! I think I have to go with the popular answer of being able to fly. I’ve done it many times in my dreams and it’s such an amazing feeling!


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