Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

Down the Foxhole - ActiveDen

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Your Say: What’s on your workspace wishlist?

Posted: 09 May 2012 04:41 PM PDT

by Dave Kleinschmidt

We’ve shown plenty of photos of the workspaces you have. But what about the workspace you dream about?

Recently Lifehacker asked its readers what is on their office upgrade wishlist. I thought I’d pass the question on to you.

What are the next few things you’d love to add to your workspace? What needs to be replaced or improved? Let us know in the comments!

Which Tuts+ Site Should We Launch Next?

Posted: 09 May 2012 05:36 AM PDT

Next Tuts+ Site

We’re planning our next few Tuts+ sites, and would love your opinion and advice on which topics you think we should cover! We’d be really grateful if you could take a minute to answer our quick poll and share your thoughts…

Have Your Say

We’ve been considering lots of different ideas for our next Tuts+ sites over the past few weeks, and wanted to also ask the opinion of our awesome community!

A selection of different concepts are included in the poll to the right, along with the option for you to submit your own ideas as well.

The important thing to note is that these are just ideas. Some of these are close to making our final cut, and others aren’t… We’d love to hear what you think, to help guide our decision.

Thanks for taking the time to offer your suggestion — I can’t wait to see what you have to say!

Win a 6-Month Tuts+ Premium Membership

Our poll will be running for the next couple of weeks, and we’ll be choosing one respondent at random to receive a six-month Tuts+ Premium membership!

To be entered into the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post to go into a bit more detail about your site suggestion. We’ll choose one comment at random to win the Tuts+ Premium membership when the poll ends.

Best of luck!

MobileMe Switchers to iCloud Get 20GB of Storage Until September

Posted: 09 May 2012 03:00 AM PDT

When Apple announced that they were shutting dow MobileMe at the end of June 2012, they offer MobileMe customers a deal to ease their switch to iCloud. The company offered 20GB to all existing MobileMe users until June 30, 2012; however, Apple’s website suggest a change in the deadline. It now reads September 30, 2012.

Apple’s FAQ page was also update, so the prolonged time is valid. When the free trial ends, customers who wish to keep their 20GB of storage can pay or accept the downgrade to 5GB.

Source: TUAW

Impossible Photography

Posted: 08 May 2012 11:28 PM PDT

Over on the Tuts+ Premium blog, Skellie has listed 20 Must See TED Talks for Creatives. This is one of them.

“Erik Johansson creates realistic photos of impossible scenes — capturing ideas, not moments. In this witty how-to, the Photoshop wizard describes the principles he uses to make these fantastical scenarios come to life, while keeping them visually plausible.”

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